…once was a member of the Hardcore-act Shadowlands Terrorists?

Carsten Giese

Like many other artists, Raoul van Grinsven produced music before he started his hardstyle career. What he has in common with many other older hardstyle artists is that he used to produce hardcore back in the 1990s.

Shadowlands Terrorists

The Shadowlands Terrorists were founded in 1995 and quickly gained reputation within the hardcorescene. From then on the members changed from every then and now and the group restructured itself several times. From 1997 the Shadowlands Terrorists released a few hardcore songs on their own label “Shadowlands Records”.
This was also the time when Zany jouned the formation and helped producing well known hardcore classics like “Shadowlands Anthem” or “Eindhoven De Gekste”.

Did you know that Zany: is one of the producers of this gem? (no official youtube-video available)

First solo appearances

During his time at Shadowlands Records Raoul had his first solo releases as DJ Zany. While the Shadowlands Terrorists releases mostly had a pace of 180 bpm or even higher – Zany’s solo tracks were located at the slower side of Hardcore’s BPM-range.

DID YOU KNOW THAT ZANY…: produced slow hardcore at the end of the 1990s? (no official youtube-video available)

Switching to Hardstyle

After leaving the Shadowlands Terrorists act he experimented with other electronic genres such as trance or house. He finally joined Fusion Records and started releasing hardstyle. His first viny released in 2002 (Be on your way / Ardesso) and this started a really big journey for him. Countless big hits followed and he is considered to be one of hardstyle’s veterans nowadays.


We presented you another important part of harder styles’ history. For sure this was just a brief lesson about Zany’s career start and almost does not worship the size of his impact on the hardstyle scene. He released so many innovative songs and together with DV8 and Jowan he may may responsible for the biggest (r)evolutions. But that’s stuff for another episode. Stay tuned!

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