E-Force & Digital Punk - My God
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Oh my God, this track is out now! E-Force and Digital Punk is an explosive combination if it comes to rawstyle and you get exactly want you expect.

I see this track big on stage. As always, the heavy kick and screeches will catch every rawstyle fan immediately. But the vocal shots will make the crowd go crazy, while shouting “OH MY GOD”. Besides this, it’s pretty straight forward: bang, bang, bang.

The vocals are quite deep, but very obligatory if you ask me. It feels like they are just there to fill up the empty part between the kicks.

I can finally call you God again
For years this word stirred fear and conflict in me
Sometimes even anger
Judgment, intolerance, ignorance
Tainted the innocence of letters and language
But words are not meaning
And you are nameless

You spring to life on the mountain ridge
In young grasses between the boulders
In the wide-eyes of the grazing deer
In a welcome song of rain kissing our parched earth
I whisper thanks for your beauty
And find you in the quiet


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