The sun is shining, Miami-vibes let you shake your hips, a festival ground decorated with flamingos, four areas and actually three days of festival madness – this was Groove Garden 2017!18700390_10154823459279983_742805209905853115_oGroove Garden took place on the 19th till 21st May, near the German border. When taking a first look at the areas and line up you might ask why should Hardstyle Mag visit Groove Garden. Well, take a closer look and you discover a Scantraxx area on both, main festival days. Reason enough to jump into the car and check out Groove Garden.

Check our amazing video recap of both days, including a short Q&A with Airtunes and MC Da Syndrome caught twerking on stage!!

Backstage at Groove Garden with Scantraxx! | HARDSTYLE MAG - ON THE GO

The line was actually quite promising, as both days the Scantraxx area was filled with just their best members. Day one offered Jay Reeve, F8trix, Proto Bytez, Pherato, Davide Sonar, Scope DJ, The Prophet, Bass Modulators and Alpha². Hosted by MC Da Syndrom of course. Day two locked Airtunes, JNXD, Adrenalize, Devin Wilde, Malua, E-Force, Hard Attakk and RVAGE vs. X-Pander.

A quick general overview about the festival. As said before, both, main festival days offered 4 areas. The mainstage had this 70th Miami, hotel design. Remember GTA: Vice City? Kinda like that! There was a small outdoor area with more Latino, Afro-American music, another outdoor area with just the best house, a silent area and of course the Scantraxx area within a festival tent.

Day one at the Scantraxx area was all about the good vibes, euphoric melodies, the best classics and a sick ending by Alpha². Starting with Proto Bytez and Pherato, how delivered a cool show. Definitely two youngsters to keep an eye on. Next up were David Sonar and Scope DJ who made us feel like we are back in 2005 and 2007! With that said, we really enjoyed Davide Sonar. What an amazing legend. His set just had the perfect balance between straight baselines and uplifting melodies.18954701_10154864430469983_8845140865539917395_oFollowed by Bass Modulators, The Prophet and Alpha² day one reached its peak. The people enjoyed the music. Bass Modulators delivered a diverse set, packed with some classics like the Defqon.1 anthem by Headhunterz their brand new tracks like Mantra and much more. Alpha² delivered and kick-ass ending. Volume at its peak, just the craziest screeches and kicks and a devastating atmosphere. That’s how you end a festival with a big bang.

Day two started with our buddy Airtunes! If you haven’t heard of him yet, go and check out his music. Quality hardstyle! We are glad he has gained more spots at festivals this year, is touring with the Musical Madness crew through Germany and could release some great tracks so far. With Adrenalize and Devin Wild two great producers showed their amazing productions. The flawless set of Adrenalize and the kick-ass combination of Devin Wild, RVAGE and JNXD on stage was really worth to visit.

With a great melodic beginning, the music got harder with every track. Especially when The Project was blasting through the speakers, there was no holding back. E-Force continued to tear down the area. 1,5h madness! With a wide range of different tracks he unleashed hell upon Groove Garden! Cranking up the BPM to 155 and made the 1,5h feel like 30 minutes. With Hard Attakk we experienced another 30 minutes of madness. Mr. Green and Mr. Red made sure the mix is done without any bigger breaks, the BPM hit the 160 and Celine Dion should still shut the fuck up!18620988_10154823459939983_8317853681657902902_oGroove Garden’s ending was brought to the people by no one else than Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo. A great set through the best classic happy hardcore tracks. Underlined with a great laser show and fireworks we are looking back to two exciting days.

Groove Garden is a great event. Technically, it offered high quality, even the show was actually really good. Especially during the sunset the mainstage showed its full potential. I would also rate the sound as pretty good. I can speak for the Scantraxx area as well, when stating: technically Groove Garden did everything right!

However, I also need to underline the lack of people in the Scantraxx area. At its peak the tent still felt very empty. The mood was not that good, as many people came by and just took a look at the stage, but we missed those real hardstyle lovers. Of course, some diehards in the front, including us, but this fact didn’t really enhance the area. To be honest, the Scantraxx area fell off the track, not fitting Groove Garden at all. We had even felt sorry for the artists.18595448_10154823461074983_6877881266332676498_oGroove Garden is all about the groovy beats, the beautiful time you can have with your friends, beautiful girls shaking their hips to Latino and Afro-American music, having cocktails and just enjoy the time. It is not about going crazy to the heaviest kicks or get yourself beamed into another dimension by the most intense melodies.

You do love House, calm beats, having cocktails and a great festival location for small money? Go and check out Groove Garden Festival. You do love hardstyle and absolutely life for the music? There are better opportunities.

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