A message from the Gunz

It is 4:00 AM in the morning, the night was amazing so far, but the highlight should still come. The adrenaline lies in the air; it’s an astonishing vibe as time goes. Hamburg was waiting for the incoming killer act Gunz for Hire.

Suddenly, a loud knock on the backstage door, steps coming closer and cold metal on my neck. Gunz for Hire took over the Docks in Hamburg ready to bring us #gangstersparadise and start a revolt for the resistance.

We are spreading the dangerous words to warn you about their plans for 2015. Stay prepared, because they are.

Gunz for Hire hijack

What can we expect from Gunz for Hire this year?
We are working on a new show that will start probably somewhere in October / November in Holland, which will contain a lot of new material with a fresh new look. From there on if we took our tour in Holland we will go abroad¬†again, since we don’t played in Holland for a long time.

Until there, what do you do in your free time?
Preparing for new missions. We constantly have to work on our hit man skills and create new weapons for our enemies.

For your overwhelming shows, do you guys need to practice?
We have a fairly good idea what we want to play, but we always check at the moment, at the night if we are going to play one track or the other track. We will just see what works the best with the crowd. But, what we always do is to prepare an intro especially for the party we play at and usually end with the raw stuff.

Looks like you are always prepared for your fans like the last time in Kiel where you played German vocals at the end.
Yeah, we really make an effort for every single gig to give something back to the crowd.

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