For over 15 years, the Weeze airfield was transformed into a Mecca for hard dance music fans every second Saturday in September. The Q-Base Festival, organized by Q-dance, took place on a former RAF Base near Airport Weeze in Germany from 2004-2018. With different Stages in bunkers and a big hangar – this festival became a very special one – among other festivals. For many, it came as a surprise when this festival got replaced by ImpaQt in 2019. Today we remember this festival – which we all miss.

Florian Heimann

Today it would have been another weekend of Q-Base. 17 years of a festival which grew to a happening making people from all over the world coming to Germany, to celebrate 16 hours the harder stylez. Q-BASE was introduced in 2004 as “The international dance festival” Thousands of partygoers from all over Europe come together to experience Q-BASE. Apart from the location, Q-BASE uniqueness is that it is a day and night festival. For many it was also the official festival season closing event.

IN MEMORY OF Q-BASE : Q-Base Festival with fireworks

The festival sometimes lasted up to 16 hours from daylight into darkness

The first editions went from noon to around 2 a.m. Later times changed. From 4 pm to 8 in the morning. With over 16 hours it was a bit long and the opening times were changed again so that the festival only lasted 14 hours. At Q-BASE not only hardstyle and hardcore were played, there was also room for new and less common music categories.

Relive here the special Midnight Show from 2018.
Goosebumps guaranteed! 😀

IN MEMORY OF Q-BASE : Relieve the moments with the official atermovies

Huge variety in hard dance music genres

Except for the Mainstage and the mighty Hangar nearly every other stage was located in bunkers or ammunition storages. Many of them had their own hosts, so Q-Base always offered a huge variety of subgenres. Organizations like Thunderdome, #TiH, PRSPCT, USB, Dirty Workz, A² Records and many other record labels and promoters were present frequently and provided great out-of-the-box-lineups.

One of the most popular anthems of Q-Base

In 2008 the official anthem of Q-Base was Lost in Dreams by Mike NRG. This sound haunted us years later. One of the best remixes is from Weapon X. But not only Weapon X produced a remix. Also names like D-Fence, Alpha², Endymion and many more.

IN MEMORY OF Q-BASE : Lost in Dreams the most magic anthem

The Ambassador program

In 2012, a German ambassador program was founded for Q-Base based on the model of Defqon.1 Australia. The Ambassadors advertised the event and sold tickets with a special gift for the event. It was one of the first Ambassador programs for hard dance festivals in Europe. In the following years, many other organizers took up this for their events.

IN MEMORY OF Q-BASE: Ambassador bracelets

New concept called ImpaQt – Festival of Titans

The final edition of Q-BASE took place on the 8th of September 2018.
A new concept replaced Q-Base in 2019. It was called Impaqt – Festival of Titans. Due to Covid-19 there was unfortunately no edition in 2020.

IN MEMORY OF Q-BASE : IMPAQT – Festival of Titans 2019

In Memory of Q-BASE

We cant repeat the special moments we experienced over all Q-Base editions. The surrounding, the themes and the people made this festival a very special one. It’s hard to imagine that we might never experience this festvial again – but with every new there a also new opportunities to see and hear we might never have thought of. Lets see

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