Hi Mrotek, first of all we would like to congratulate you on your signing at the almighty label Dirty Workz, on their raw label Anarchy. How are you doing today?
Hey guys. Thanks so much; it’s such an honor to be with DWX! Doing great, another day in paradise!

I think the last few months must have been amazing but also a bit hard maybe, since you need to keep your mouth shut for a while to tell the big news right, haha?
Oh man, you guys have no idea 😛 It’s been tough keeping it a secret, but obviously all worth it! The warm welcome I received from fans and artists around the world was really incredible!

How did you come in touch with Dirty Workz?
Well the whole story is, my best buddy MC Heretik was working with Riiho and Digital Mindz on a few tracks. Then when I traveled to Defqon NL 2015 I met Riiho and we got along really well; thus, Fallout happened. Then similar chemistry was there with Digital Mindz, which lead to Dark Forces. I had a few demo tracks for sending (which included Slaves to the Clock) and I loved everything having to with DWX, so I asked them to put me in touch with someone at the label. The rest is history 🙂Banner PictureCan you describe the feelings you had when Dirty Workz contacted you about signing with their label?
I will never forget that moment. I was actually in the middle of recording a mix for The Magic Show when I got the email. I SPRINTED upstairs to show my girlfriend. We started jumping and laughing; we were both so excited. Some people may laugh, but I was giddy like a little school girl

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