At the 16th of April it was time to celebrate the four years anniversary of “Insane- Strictly Hard” at Atrium Kiel!

The line-up for this party was huge. Wasted Penguinz, Atmozfears, Brennan Heart, Jack of Sound, Deetox, Delete, D-Sturb, Sub Sonik, Warface and Angerfist were just the names of the main area, they got support from the locals Jan van bass 10 and BKJN hosted another area again and like always they brought the biggest names with them! Korsakoff, Noize Suppressor, Dj Anime, Partyraiser, Dr. Peacock, Andy The Core, Drokz, Chaotic Hostility and the local support Zoid.

At this Edition RUHR’G’BEAT hosted a Frenchcore and Terror area with Djs like SRB or Angernoizer for the first time. A Freestyle and a Happy Hardcore area took place as well, so everybody can find a place to listen to his favorite kind of hard music.

The doors opened at 6pm, but I arrived at 9:30 pm to the last track of wasted Penguinz. They played “Make it Pop” from Chris Era. The club was already packed and the next Dj behind the decks was Atmozfearz. He played a great 90 minutes set, started with reawakening, a “ keep me awake “ mash up and got harder with “The Project, where everyone loosed their minds. Next up in Line was Mr. I am Hardstyle, Brennan Heart.

In his set we heard some classics like “Just as Easy”, of course “Imaginary” and “Lose Your Mind”, perhaps the most knows Hardstyle songs in the World and a bootleg of “Aquagen- Ihr seid so Leise”. During this bootleg everybody freaked out! At midnight Jack of Sound entered the Stage.

The sounds get rougher, the beats kicked harder and the crowd showed his respect. During the first 30 minutes Jack of Sound caused “Heavy Damage” with tracks like “No Guts, No Glory” and  a bootleg from Disneys “Jungle Book”.

Now it was time to check out the BKJN area. Korsakoff just finished her set with the “Rammstein- Du hast” bootleg, she did a few years ago for Syndicate. Italian hardcore was now ready to enter the Area, Dj Anime b2b Noize Suppressor! Whatz up by d-fence and sub sonik was the first track of their set. The crowd was insane during track like, Anime‘s Exodus Anthem or Dogfight!

About 60 minutes of hardcore beats later it was time to go back to the main.

Deetox was spinning the records. The area was packed to the max during her set. She played bangers like “Alone”, “Within me” or the Freakz at Night edit from “Bring the Riot” and destroyed the Atrium!

17991513_1235333853231414_606637655354129771_oAfter Deetox’s set the Crowd was “Ready to Roll”! D-Sturb entered the stage and his kicks rolled through the club. He opened his performance with his famous track, the “Menace” Remix! It was great to see so many people kickrolling at the same time. One hour of pure madness later the people at the dance floor were ready for Australia’s rawest export, DELETE!

This guy showed the German party people “The Power” and  what rawstyle is all about. Starting with his VIP- edit of “Formula”, he smashed the main hall with tracks like “Genocide”, “Pleasure & Pain” ft. E-Force or “Echo” by Rebelion.

Mr. Strike One aka Sub Sonik was the next Dj behind the decks. We heard many Track from his album, that was released last month and also Tracks like the “Sandstrom” kick edit. The crowd showed the biggest respect for this guy and went crazy all the time.

At 5am in the morning, the club was still packed and Warface was ready to release his artillerie. “Live for This” was the feeling from the crowd during this set, the FTP remix by E-Force waked up everybody who was trying to sleep. The last 10 Minutes of his set get faster and he “Released the Kraken”. Destructive Tendencies remix of “Fuck the Drum Machine” nearly killed everybody.

After 12 hours of hardstyle and rawstyle it was time to welcome the master of hardcore, Angerfist! The main area was completely filled and everybody was ready for some hardcore. Tracks like “Raiders of Rampage” or “Repercussion”.

At 7 o’clock in the morning angerfist finished his set.

All in all it was another great Edition of “Insane- Strictly Hard”, perhaps the best. This celebration was a big success, a great line-up, different kinds of the harder styles and a good show. I’m very happy to have an event like this in the north of Germany and you can already save the date for the next edition. Insane is back October the 2nd!

Guest review by Tobias V.

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