Taking insanity to the next level

You know what’s really annoying, besides rawstyle people complaining about euphoric and euphoric people complaining about rawstyle? My f*cking playlist on my phone! Seriously, although I’m always updating it, I get bored while listening. I skip almost every track until I might find a song I want to listen to at the moment.

That’s the reason why I love podcasts. Keeping me updated, no matter what scene. So I was especially curious when I heard about this all new podcast!

Just a few days ago, Zany finally revealed that he’s from now on releasing the first freestyle podcast in the scene. Every second Thursday of the month it will be broadcasted on Q-Dance Radio at 19:00 CEST!

Zany, what’s up? We hope you’re doing great! Recently, I read that you’re releasing a fresh new podcast, called inZanity. Could you explain what the podcast is all about?
On the 10th of September I launched my new podcast inZanity together with Fusion. It helps to broaden musical perspectives and I want to take the listeners on an insane journey across all of hard dance music. Freestyle allows me to play a lot of genres like hardstyle, early rave, trap, jump, rawstyle and hardcore. The freestyle scene is evolving and I want to be important for this development. The launch of the first episode was a big success already!

inZanity Episode 1

Who came up with the idea and what was the response of the Q-dance crew?
I have been active in the freestyle scene for a while now. At the end of 2014 I made the decision that my future is in this scene. It makes me enthusiastic about the music again, because I can play whatever I want. I have always been a PARTY DJ. I want to entertain the audience. So why inZanity? I discussed my future plans with my management and together we came up with this idea. There are so many podcast in hard dance music, but not one is about freestyle. Isn’t that crazy!? Well, now there is 😉 I just love the music and it’s a way to gain more popularity for the freestyle scene. With this podcast my colleagues and I can support each other and we can reach our audience in another way than the freestyle events/stages.

Q-dance is the exclusive partner at this moment. They really liked the concept and I am sure that they can play an important role in the success of this podcast. Besides Q-dance radio you can also find InZanity on YouTube, Soundcloud and iTunes.

Do you think your podcast will be successful? Is freestyle in general the “all new thing” that becomes more and more appreciated in the scene?
No, I think it’s going to suck! 😉 Freestyle is the new big thing in the harder dance scene, yes. There are lot of freestyle events and Pussy Lounge is the biggest. Just have a look at the Pussy Lounge stage at Decibel and you can confirm what I am telling you now. Freestyle is hot! It allows people to get rid of boundaries. It’s all about partyyyy!

What do you like, but also maybe hate about podcasts nowadays?
Why should I hate something about a podcast? Every tool that is used to improve the popularity of harder dance music is awesome! In this scene we support each other and we need each other. Take Unleashed for example. It’s a great platform for (especially) raw hardstyle artists to raise their profile! I want to do the same in another genre.

We have also read that producers can send in their tracks for the episodes – every genre is welcome?
Of course people can send me tracks! Like I said: Freestyle allows me to play everything within the hard dance music scene and even a bit more than that, like trap. I don’t care whether an artist or producer is well known or not. If the quality is right and it fits to my episode, then I will play it! It’s all about the music!

What makes the inZanity podcast different from the others, besides the musical style?
It really represents me as an artist and person. It’s very accessible and inviting. The music is cheerful and therefore easy to listen to for everyone. I really care about positive energy and humor and I think this podcast has it all. It has to be your feel-good moment of the day when you listen to it!

Did you think about turning the inZanity podcast into a whole brand, like the Unleashed Podcast, with merchandise and maybe its own paties?
It seems like you’re reading my mind. Yes, it’s going to be a whole brand. We are already discussing the possibility of a few festival-hostings and perhaps we’re already looking at an own inZanity event somewhere next Summer. Besides that, I’m gonna release my music as inZanity EP’s on Fusion Records and on top of that, I will hand out my bootlegs for free once in a while. So as you see, for me it’s the next big step in my career.


Thanks alot Zany for having this small interview with us! This all sounds so great, can’t wait for the first party!

Uplifting, fresh, naughty and unique – just my thoughts about this new podcast.


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