The month of August  is one for the books for hard dance power couple Mish and Sickmode, with not only a new single but a new EP. 

Amy Melissa Farina

Mish and Sickmode released their newest single Rave Love today August 4th, available for streaming and purchase on all platforms. They also announced that their new EP consisting of bangers such as Rave Love, You And I, We Burning the Dancefloor and One and Only will drop the following week on August 11th. 

We spoke with Mish about the inspiration behind their new music and this is what she had to say: 

The concept of this EP is to showcase our working relationship together. Furthermore, our passion for music and being in a relationship is what fuels us and really was the thing that allowed our connection to be so strong. 

These new releases were also an opportunity to let people listen to and recognize our separate sounds. This is something new as our previous collaborations did not highlight our individual sounds as much as these releases do. 

All the tracks have lyrics relating to a rave or love. For rave love I wrote the lyrics ‘take my hand, come with me babe, let’s fall in love, at the rave’ and we asked Levenkhan to do the vocals after working together with Sickmode and Rooler with Lesgo

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