The Prophet - Rokkstar
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F**king rokkstar!

SCANTRAXX169 is out now! The Prophet is a f**king ‘rokkstar’ and proves that he is still one of the best in his business! ‘Sex, Drugs and Hardstyle?’, I assume that they couldn’t find a sample pack with that kind of vocals. 

Even if ‘Rokkstar’ is a silly name for a track so amazing, I like the theme, the sound design and of course the combination between the hard kicks and the guitar. The rock part (or should i say rokk) makes this track outstanding! But I will forgive The Prophet and his bad naming skills if he promises me to keep his good work up! The synth, screeches and effect sounds are well made and implemented into the track, even if i miss a longer mainpart melody. Nevertheless I like the fast paced sounds but like always: hear for yourself!

PS: The vocals and the guitar reminds me of something, the old track ‘The Undersound’. And it’s not the first time that he is using that name. The first Scantraxx Silver release was called ‘The Prophet & Wildstylez – Cold Rockking’.

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