Radical Redemption – Militant Mayhem Review

Last weekend it was time to put on our military clothes. Last year Art of Dance, in cooperation with Radical Redemption, organized the event Radical Redemption – One man army and the following edition this year was called Radical Redemption – Militant Mayhem. The party was sold out early so we were lucky to be able to take part of this epic night!

We arrived at the party around 22.45, the queue went really fast and also the security check. Time to get some first Tokens. Tokens were 10€ for 7 tokens. The good thing about Heiniken Music Hall is, that you can reuse your tokens. So, if you have some left at home from a previous party, you shouldn’t throw these away! There is also a possibility to get money back from unused tokens, which makes the venue and even the party seem less “expensive”. Even though the tokens are refundable, the prices were pretty high. A soda/water was 2 tokens and you got a small glass of wine for for 3.

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