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NO normal salvation, but Radical Redemption – it was the night thousands of people were looking forward to, a sold out Heineken Music Hall was transformed into his playground for one incredible night. With this event Radical Redemption & Art of Dance broke boundaries, when it comes to an album release party.

Packed with various artists, wrecking down the motherfucking dome, the album was celebrated in its best manner. The night was all about him and his massive success in the last months. After his first Album Annihilate and an insane second album The Spell Of Sin, he’s here with his best buddies to present you his all new album: The One Man Army!

He did not only create one of the most energetic, raw acts, he started a movement. His whole appearance is cut to brutality and pure energy. Therefore, he is not only responsible for three albums, closing the borders between rawstyle and hardcore, but also for an intense Live-Act with a shattering outfit and atmosphere.

A beast on stage and when he claims it, you know what to expect! He’s a phenomena on its own, because it’s really hard not to take a look at him, his music or one of his sets at all major events during the years.

The One Man Army Trailer

Radical Redemption live
Minus Militia live
Crypsis live
Digital Punk & Radical Redemption
Denekamps Gespuis & Radical Redemption
Act of Rage & Radical Redemption
Destructive Tendencies & Radical Redemption
Regain & Radical Redemption
MC Nolz


Holy damn shit, look at this line up! A wet dream not only for me, but also for probably every hardstyle lover! The lineup was packed with stunning artists, intense specials in between and incredible live acts. Boredom? Please fuck off!

So, line-up wise there was absolutely nothing to complain about. And if that’s not enough, Radical Redemption tried to play with as many artists as possible back to back, which ended up in absolutely crazy combinations – I mean Regain & Radical Redemption, do I need to say more?

Furthermore, right before he started playing as Denekamps Gespuis he brought us a 30 minute Annihilate live show, which was unique and highly exclusive for this night, but let me tell you something about it later.

Luna did open the event and I seriously need to admit, this felt like euphoric compared to the sets afterwards. It was a crazy start, with playing Warface & Luna – The Revival or finishing up his set with Warzone. He also did not forget about his classics like Torture. Some might say it was a usual Luna set, but I’m going to tell you: Yes, it was – but it does not mean it is bad, right?

The master of darkness and heavy screeches just claimed the stage and delivered a really good and diverse set, which positively surprised me. I’m talking about E-Force, who made the crowd and a already filled Heineken Music Hall go wild to his latest releases, a new track, at least for me and tracks like Seven or Disphoria.

Yes, I was surprised that he got a spot that late on the timetable. My buddy Outbreak took this as a chance and did not fail or disappoint me and all others. He started with tracks like Brain Smacker and went rougher and rougher. He played his new Rebel Territory track and his collab with Radical Redemption, which sounded just massive! Seriously, this kick will make you go insane, such a heavy distortion, somehow reminding me at Warface & Predator – Meltdown. He rocked the stage and brought us a really good performance , so stop what you’re doing and show me your bassface!


After revealing the stage with a really cool show it was time for Radical Redemption live – 45 minute pure awesomeness. Packed with only the best tracks on his album like Suicide Bassline, Brutal 5.0, The One Man Army as the anthem, Judge Me, Piece Of Shit and many, many more tracks. The kicks were ground shaking, the screeches literally made your ears bleed and the brutality and energy he had on stage was not comparable.

But if I’m going to refer to the info text, saying a whole new Radical Redemption live show, I sadly need to say, nope it’s not! I did not hear any difference compared to his older live act in the way he mixes tracks together or the usage of effects and samples. Only his suit slightly changed and looks now more simple, flat, but with a bigger Radical Redemption sign.

Followed by Crypsis live who continued keeping up the heat and the mood of the people. Normally I think you can’t listen to Crypsis tracks that well on normal speakers of Headphones. It sounds just kind of boring and flat. But you need experience his tracks on a fucking big sound system like they set up for The One Man Army.

His hardcore similar kicks will blow you away! I heard him live at Qapital and I was more than positively surprised, I was really hyped for this set and guess what?

It was one of the best sets of the night, sad that many people left the floor. In the way of mixing, combining tracks and teasing different elements of his tracks in the currently playing one, he delivered a stunning performance. He mixed old tracks, new tracks, awesome mash ups and live edits into a thirty minute rollercoaster ride – it was massive!

During Act of Rage & Radical Redemption we went to the second area, took a look at Rebelion and had a little break, some food and ice cream.

With an enormous introduction their lead over to three people unlike others. All of them are members of Minus is More and are the absolute elite. Not a one man army, not a two men army, but a fucking three men army claiming the stage delivering the ultimate performance – Minus Militia took the Heineken Music Hall and its visitors to the next level.  They created an insane vibe on the dance floor and set the bar high for the following artists – a true highlight of the night!


Retaliate with hate, because Digital Punk will blow you away. He did, but I also need to admit, the set had not the intensity of the previous ones. It was too standard, although Radical Redemption joined him on stage for half an hour. Of course they dropped some crazy bombs like River Of Soul or Digital Punks new collab with Outbreak, but yeah, as I said he could not continue the madness, not based on the tracks he played or bad mixing, but just by the feeling.

Okay, let’s take a deep breath before the next artist will tear you down. I guess it was Regains best night so far – playing in front of 5500 people is something huge. Furthermore, he played pretty late and had the honour to play after Minus Militia, after Digital Punk, after Radical Redemption & Act of Rage and after Crypsis. So, since this was the first time I experienced Regain and due to his latest productions I had really high expectations. Can he prove himself? YES! FUCKING YES!!

Even the beginning has been just crazy, a new track, which sounded like a slowed down industrial hardcore track, was pumping through the speakers and I just though “hell Yeah, this is going to be insane”! It was awesome to see how much he enjoyed his own set, jumping around and going totally nuts. I was almost scared that he will fall of the stage. And if that wasn’t enough Radical Redemption joined him and both as a combination can just be seen at The One Man Army. Truly epic with tracks like Broken, his new collab with Typhoon or Radical Redemptions One by One.

The next set was highly exclusive, just for The One Man Army and unique in its own way. Radical Redemption brought us a 30 minute Annihilate live session. Forget about all the sets you’ve heard so far, because THIS was some real and heavy shit! I don’t know If we ever get the chance to experience this again, but please take me back to this set.

Packed with his tracks from the first album, the set had this special old school vibe, but also representing what Radical Redemption is all about, heavy distorted kicks and high screeches. The Black Demon, Annihilate, Horror & Crime or Brutal 2.0 were just a few highlights – in the end he did play Brutal 1.0 for the very first time ever and I can just say PLEASE release this kick-ass track!


After this rough and raw musical violence, it was time to wreck the motherfucking dome, and show the HMH some Hardcore! A 1 hour ride with two sets of total madness. Let’s turn up the BPM! Prepare your ears for a fast ride, it’s time for DENEKAMPS GESPUIS & Radical Redemption! Going back in time with the DJ’s from Denekamp. It all did start 14 years ago. And now they are back again to hit the decks, we are talking about one of the hardest DJ formations around. Denekamps Gespuis consists of Angerfist, Crusifier (Crypsis), Dyprax and Bloodcage (Mc Prozac, the MC of Angerfist).

Directly from the start it was on hell of a ride. Holy shit! These guys are real ‘Brutal Motherfuckers!’ The atmosphere was amazing, and even the RAW-minded audience did enjoy this hardcore set so much, that I can tell you they were hungry for more! And more was yet to come. Angerfist did drop his new track ‘The Game’, an awesome tune that will be on his new album Raise & Revolt, which also has his own party hosted by Art of Dance in the Brabanthallen, Den Bosch. So if you enjoyed this you definitely have to be there!

Denekamps Gespuis just went on destroying the place, dropping some old tunes like; Angerfist – Cannibal, Angerfist & Crucifier – Tonight, and new ones like; Radical Redemption & Bloodcage – Killswitch. Radical, Crusifier, Dyprax and Bloodcage did some stage diving and joined the party with one of the greatest audiences I have witnessed. The set did end with some Angerfist bangers. Angerfist & Drokz – Deathmask (Tripped Remix), Angerfist – Vato (Hardbouncer remix) and Angerfist – Loser did totally destroy your body.


You want to know what RAW and hardcore sounds like while they are combined?  Well then its right about time to find out! Radical Redemption vs. Destructive Tendencies! Oh shit! This is going to be madness! My body did call for some rest, but my mind was hungry for more. And my body agreed and continued to move on the pounding and destructive bass. Finally a sound system can hold on to the bass of Destructive Tendencies! So let’s go to the final set; BRING US SOME HARDCORE!

WOOOW! Everyone was going insane at this point. Unbelievable. What a set – RAW and hardcore combined definitely sounds awesome. Massive kickrolls combined with a brutal bass. When they dropped ‘Sounds Become  One’ I got a feeling like; Yeah, this is really sounds becoming one! What an original combination. Radical is really doing well with producing hardcore on his own unique way. It is a good thing that he does it under a same alias, and use it in one big act like this. Another big tune was dropped all Destructive Tendencies fans could sing it along; THIS IS MY DESTINY. Well, after this night I can say, this was our destiny!

The audience was absolutely one of the best I’ve ever witnessed, as was the event. From beginning till the end it was an amazing ride. Art of Dance did such a good job!

Show, Stage & Design

All in all I was very happy with the show. During the first three sets the real main stage was hidden by a curtain. Just before Radical Redemption live they revealed the whole main stage with a massive musical introduction. It looked very cool, mostly consisting of huge LED walls ranging from left to the right and kind of divided into three parts, the left one, the right one and the middle part with the DJ booth.

The show offered everything you need to enjoy the night and underlined each set with a specific design and custom show. Especially during Radical Redemption live and during the anthem the show was stunning – I didn’t expect anything less from Art Of Dance


It was a perfect night, a night to remember and a night packed with crazy people and highly rare and exclusive sets! Now, enjoy Radical Redemptions new album and prepare yourself for the next massive event – Angerfist Raise and Revolt.

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