B efore we check the Raiders of Rampage stage we would like to check the Masters of Mjolnir stage first. The Masters of Mjolnir stage is the RAW stage in 2016. Starting with one of the greatest RAW talents of today, D-Sturb! are you curious what he thinks about Masters of Hardcore, now that he’s having his debut?

Hi D-Sturb, thanks for having us. You will open the Masters of Mjolnir stage during a 45 minute solo set. What can we expect?
Someone remixed my track ‘Anxious’ and I’ll play it there for the first time. For the rest you’ll hear my remix of Menace of course and many more tracks.

Can we hear some new tracks from you or other Gearbox talents?
I’ll play my collab with rebelion for sure!
Gearbox is doing great lately, what is the secret of you guys, haha?
Gearbox is doing great indeed. I don’t know what the secret is but I know that everybody’s working their ass off whenever they can. Hard work pays off.

Did you ever visit Masters of Hardcore as a visitor?
Never visited before, will be my first MOH!

Besides visiting your set, which sets do you recommend?
Unfortunately I cannot be there (because of another gig that night) but ‘Regain vs. Delete’ sounds very interesting to me. I would recommend you to go there!


After D-Sturb , Artifact will take over. There will be some cool battles as well. Chain Reaction will play vs X-Pander, Warface vs High Voltage and E-Force Vs. Crypsis.

As final battle Regain will destroy the place together with Delete. Are you ready for some Theracords madness? Speaking about Regain vs Delete as closing set. We had a chat with Delete about his expectations!

Hi Delete, thanks for having us again! You will perform as closing act at the Masters of Mjolnir stage together with Regain, what can we expect?
Expect us to go out with a bang! An awesome party needs an awesome closing set so that’s what we will deliver!

Can we expect some new collabs?
I have a few unreleased collabs with Warface and Deetox. I’m currently working with N-Vitral but as it’s for his album that one isn’t quite finished so won’t be ready for MOH.

Did you ever visit Masters of Hardcore as a visitor?
I have never been to MOH so I guess you can say I’m a MOH Virgin haha! Really looking forward to experiencing it, let alone performing there!


Besides visiting your set, which sets do you recommend?
It really is an all-you-can-eat buffet for hardcore. I’ll be personally checking out as much as I can as well as supporting my raw colleagues.

The RAW area will be hosted by MC Nolz. Also responsible for the vocals of the Masters of Hardcore – Raiders of Rampage anthem! Did you already check the anthem produced by Miss K8 ft Mc Nolz?

You better do, so you can scream it along during the set of Miss K8! Of course we did want to know a few things about the anthem. We did catch up with MC Nolz and asked him a few questions as well!

Hi Nolz, Are you ready for the madness of this Saturday? This year you had the honour to produce the anthem ‘Raiders of Rampage’ together with Miss K8. Can you describe the feeling you’ve got when they asked you to do it?
It’s an absolute honor. My first MOH anthem! Kate and I did the anthem of Dominator in 2014 and that one worked out pretty good as well. My bucket list is getting shorter hehe!

You will host the Masters of Mjolnir stage this year, what can we expect from this stage?
The best our scene has to offer! You can also find me on the main stage with Miss K8 during her ‘album showcase’ set.

Can we expect some new tracks including your vocals?
Hell yeah! I’m always working on new projects!

Masters of Hardcore is always a great event, how would you describe it?
The eye of the storm!

Did you ever visit Masters of Hardcore as a visitor?
Yes! Many times actually. I’m living near Den Bosch so it’s like a party in my backyard.


Now let’s have a look at the main stage! The Raiders of Rampage! At the mainstage almost every set will be a battle! How amazing is that!? Thorax and Crossfiyah will kick off, followed by Dyprax vs last years anthem creator Bodyshock. A great start don’t you think so?

When the moon is reaching his highest point, Tha Playah will take over the stage together with Nosferatu, this sounds really amazing! After that you can see Korsakoff play a Live set together with Re-Style. At 1:30 Miss K8 will play her album showcase, of course MC Nolz will be there to scream along the anthem!

Neophyte will play VS Furyan after the showcase. This is also a interesting battle. The legend vs the future legend ! At 4:30 Angerfist will play his 30 minuts LIVE set! We can’t wait for this one. All Angerfist sets are crazy! He really never disappoints! But, get ready for more!

After Angerfist, Mad Dog vs Noize Suppressor is the next battle in line! Wow, can you imagine how this Italian battle will sound like? At 5:30 Evil Activities will play the battle vs Outblast. We always love the fact when E-Life joins the stage, singing along every single track during a set!

At 6:30 Day-Mar will battle vs Unexist. Unexist did play a crazy set at Dominator mainstage last year. We did catch up with him afterwards and really loved his story. He has a unique sound wich perfectly fits with the darker and deeper sound of Day-Mar. Satronica will also join the stage to do the vocals during this set, just like he did at Dominator. Time to catch up with Unexist again and ask about his vision of Masters of Hardcore!

Hi Unexist, we can’t wait for your set at MoH. You will play vs Day-Mar at the Raiders of Rampage stage, what can we expect from this furious combination?
I always love to play with Day mar we have a really good chemistry together and our styles fit perfectly together On top of that Satronica will join us on stage So you can expect 45 minutes of pure madness.

Can we expect some new tracks during your set?
Hell yeah I have four brand new tracks on my side and I’m sure Day-Mar has some new bombs on her side too!

Did you ever visit Masters of Hardcore as a visitor, how many times?
No, I always been there as a performer.

Besides visiting your set, which sets do you recommand?
For sure Noize Suppressor and Mad Dog they are one of my favourite artists than Angerfist always delivers powerfull music Miss K8 with her new banging album my man Tieum and for some more industrial sound bloodcage and Counterfeit and Negative-A

How many times did you perform at Masters of Hardcore?
I lost count :), but more than 10 times possibly close to 15, haha!

Masters of Hardcore is always a great event, how would you describe it?
Its the best indoor Hardcore Party in the world!

What do you think of the anthem?
I’m love with that Kick, it’s so powerful!

Already get goosebumps again! By the way, did you know you can get a tattoo made by Day-Mar, for real! Check the information at the Art of Dance pages!

As closing set this year we will go on recap of last year, which was really beyond amazing! Partyraiser will destroy the place together with Destructive Tendencies! We are again thrilled for this set, we simply can’t wait. The vibe during this set was crazy last year. Of course we want to know more about the expectations of Destructive Tendencies again so we did catch up!


Yo Guys,

Awesome you will close MoH Again together with Partyraiser.! Here are the questions.

This year Destructive Tendencies vs Partyraiser will be the closing set of Masters of Hardcore MainStage, Raiders of Rampage again. What can we expect?
Yeahhhhh we are super stoked for this. Last year was unforgettable. This year we have a shorter set time of 45 mins. So I think that means we cut any bullshit and go straight in even fucking harder. Let’s blow the roof off the Brabanthallen.

Did you guys produce an awesome track together again to close the set?
Sound Becomes One last year was one of best days of our life. It only really became apparent just how magical that moment was when we got to see videos from the crowds point of view. This year we have indeed made another collaboration track to close the set. It’s a straight up 195bpm banger. Totally different from sound becomes one. Which we all agree is a moment in history. Hopefully people will like this one just as much…. We fucking love it.

Did you guys ever visit Masters of Hardcore as a visitor?
Hell yeah! Not just masters. But mostly all the events. Our connection with that dancefloor is one that will never change. We stood in those same spots!

Masters of Hardcore is always a great event, how would you describe it?
Spectacular. It’s the world’s biggest Hardcore brand… Putting on the world’s biggest indoor event. I mean if this isn’t a recipe for a huge night I don’t know what is.

What do you guys think of the anthem?
We’ve had the pleasure of making a remix for Kates album. And have also been playing a number of tracks from it in our sets. Good job done all round so expect a magical moment when it’s dropped.

Besides visiting your set, which sets do you recommend?
We’re defo going to catch the debut of Scarphase. Aside from out main arena colleagues I’ll defo be venturing to see our terror homie Drokz and Hat wearing frenchcoring Dr Peacock.

Are you hyped? WE ARE!

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