T his Saturday we will set sail towards Masters of Hardcore once again. After an insane edition last year, during the ‘Twenty Years of Rebellion’, we are thrilled to enter the dome again. It’s time to have a look at Masters of Hardcore, what can we expect? It’s time for the ‘Raiders of Rampage’.

With 6 stages it will be a grand event again! Art of Dance did create an application fort his event which is really great to use , so we recommand you to download the application and great your own schedule, including reminder alerts and more.

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As said, there will be 6 stages this year again, so let’s have a look at them. Let’s start at Loki’s Lair! Loki’s Lair is the Terror stage this year. Starting with UKTM, Stinger and Angernoizer the Lair will be set on fire again, hitting the highest BPM’s. We don’t want to miss Drokz vs Akira at 01:00. These guys really now how to produce and deal with music at the highest BPM’s. Read below what Akira has to say about Masters of Hardcore.

Hi Akira, thanks for this opportunity. This year you will perform with Drokz again at Loki’s Lair stage. What can expect from you guys?
Like always we start a bit slower around 200 BPM then we will see how it goes, we don’t prepare our set so if the ‘chemical’ crowd kicks in we ready to hit it up till 666 BPM or more..!!

How many times did you perform at Masters of Hardcore?
I think 15 times but really.. I lost the count, haha!

Masters of Hardcore is always a great event, how would you describe it?
Its a kick off for the hardcore style season, MOH is indoor but its the biggest, after that we have a lot of big outdoor festivals so yeah MOH kicks off the year traditional wise for the bigger stages festival etc.


Besides visiting your set, which sets do you recommand?
I will walk between Khaoz Engine en UKTM, they are young and greedy to kick ass. I will be there early to catch the atmosphere at stages and meet friends and fans!

Did you ever visit Masters of Hardcore as a visitor?
No, I was lucky to play from the begin, lucky me (smile, smile)

Do we need to say more? Playing 15 times at Masters of Hardcore (or even more..) and hitting 666 BPM, haha! This is a must see, although the lovely Miss K8 is playing at the same time!


Let’s check the Siege of 885 stage. This stage is a mix between speedcore, terror and frenchcore. DJ’s who will perform here are Zyklon, Hyrule War, The Speed Freak, Marcus Decks, Le Bask, Radium, Bit Creators, The Braindrillerz LIVE and Hungry Beats. The Braindrillerz are always up for crazy things, spinning the decks at enourmous speed. Do you like frenchcore? Then you should highlight Le Bask and Radium. Le Bask is one of DR. Peacock favourites, I think that will say a lot!

At the Runes of Repercussion you can catch up with some millenium hardcore. Pavo, The Viper vs Panic, Millenium Mayham, Paul Elstak and Bass-D will play the best tracks from the millenium hardcore era.

Let’s have a look at a bigger area now – the Sonic Slayers! This is the Industrial stage, but as usual there will play some big frenchcore artists as well! Starting with acts like Lowroller and Bloodcage it will open with some destructive industrial strength! At 01:00 Tieum will play and we always like his sets, so we will highlight this for sure! After Negative A vs Counterfeit there will be a special debut! At least in this form.

Partyraiser and F.Nøize will play as a new act, Scarphase LIVE! This will happen at 4:30 -5:00. It will be a great set with many high BPM tracks. Partyraiser is one of the greatest DJ’s we know in hardcore history, combined with the furious speedcore of F.Nøize this sounds promising!

You like it a bit slower? At the same time Angerfist will play at the Raiders of Rampage Mainstage as a 30 minutes, dazzeling Live act! So the choice is yours! At 07:15 Dr. Peacock will play his set at the Sonic Slayers stage. Still the best Frenchcore DJ out there, in our opinion! So if you like Frenchcore, get your ass over there! But for sure you already knew that, if you like this style, right?! Curious what Dr. Peacock has to say about Masters of Hardcore?


You will close the Sonic Slayers stage this year, what can we expect during your set?
45 minutes op total madness haha! I’ve prepared some new stuff for MOH! New collabs and new solo stuff! Also of course some good old Peacock tracks. Expect fast mixing and a lot of different vibes.

How many times did you play at Masters of Hardcore?
This will be my 4th time that I play at MOH!

Masters of Hardcore is always a great event, how would you describe it?
Well, when you perform as an artist at MOH, then you know that you are doing something right. It’s (one of) the biggest indoor parties, and it’s really amazing! The sound is powerful, the people come from all over the world to join this event and the show & organisation is in 1 word: perfect!

Besides visiting your set, which artists do you recommend?
Scarphase, because I think this will be a very cool act!

I:Gor, because I love his sound!

Zyklon, Hyrule War & Marcus Decks, because they are on my label and they are fresh in this line-up!

The Speed Freak, because in my opinion this is the best artist from the whole hardcore scene! Quality and crazy tracks!

And yeah, the whole Frenchcore stage is nice haha!

Did you ever visit Masters of Hardcore as a visiter?
Yes I did, and it was goooood

In 2013 you did start your own record label, can you tell us something about it?
Yes, I thought it was time for a label for new talents. The frenchcore scene is a wonderful scene, and there are many good artists out there, that doesn’t play every week, but that deserve a spot on a proper label.

So now, 3 years later, Peacock Records is one family and it really feels that way. It’s super to work with young talented guys, they have a fresh mind and the most crazy ideas! I’m very happy with how fast Peacock Records has grown, and my plans for the future are really big, so stay tuned…!

What made you decide to produce Frenchcore / What do you like about Frenchcore?
Well, I’ve started listening frenchcore in 2004/2005, when I organised small parties called ‘’Innercore’’. I always listened records (vinyls) in a shop in Alkmaar called ‘’12’’House’’. They had one bin which was called; ‘’Herrie-Bak’’. It means: Noise Bin haha. I always found the styles that I liked in that bin. When I first layed a record of Radium on the records player and listened it, I knew: ‘’this is my style!!’’. Soon to be followed by old records of The Sickest Squad, The Speed Freak and others. My Frenchcore mind was born there in Alkmaar haha.


You mostly perform as a live act, what’s the reason behind this?(Since you don’t play with normal CDJ)
Sometimes I do play with CDJ when I play in versus, but since I learned to play with an APC40, I could really make a story in my sets with effects and tricks I made myself.

Besides that, the main reason was because I suffered of Tinnitus in 2012. Which was (and still is) very bad. A high ringing sound in both ears. That’s why I had a break of nearly 3 months back in that days. I thought I was becoming crazy! Now I’m used to the tinnitus but it still gets worse time by time (often when I need to play with headphones).

There are lot’s of talents out there, which should we check out?
Well, everyone on my label of course haha. But I will use this opportunity to give you 3 names:

Zyklon, for his unique own sound within the frenchcore style. With his own synths and catchy melodies he really created his own space on Peacock Records.

Hyrule War, for his crazy ideas and his unique kick rolls but also for his unstoppable enthusiasm.

Sefa, because he is with Peacock Records since he was 13, and now he is 15 and made the bestselling EP ever on my label! This young producer will definitely make it to the big parties in the coming years.

You are playing at a stage were Industrial and Frenchcore are mixed, what do you think about Industrial and the fact that these styles are combined at one stage?
I love industrial, and I listen a lot of Industrial when I’m free. But I don’t play Industrial so I understand when Industrial people don’t like that I’m in that area. I do know that the stage is bigger, so that’s probably the reason. So everyone who wants to see the set, can see it! But the combination is musical wise not really a good combo no.

Masters of Hardcore 2015 - Dr. Peacock live set

We are thrilled to announce, that there is more coming! We had a chat with D-Sturb, Delete, Unexist and Destructive Tendencies as well – read all about Masters of Hardcore: Raiders of Rampage in the second part, coming tomorrow!

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