Lyrics that you must know

I’ve waited so long for this list! My top 10 tracks every hardstyler can sing along.

It’s just an awesome experience if you are standing in a big crowed with your fella hardstyle warriors and one of these tracks gets played. Everybody sings along and you just feel united.

If you think something is missing, please let me know and I will add it here!

Brennan Heart & Wildstylez - Lose My Mind

Lyrics of Lose my Mind
Down and out with my dumb friends,
ready to misbehave
Forget about Monday to Friday, ’cause I’ve been working like a slave
Creepin’ towards the weekend, MDMAble to shine
Bringing me down to the deep end,
back off, back off!
And let me lose my mind

Showtek - FTS (Hard Mix)

Lyrics of FTS
Freaks on E, that’s what we fuck man!
Ey yo, 1-2, 1-2 – yo, hehe!
This is what I love, and can’t stop loving
Get wasted at parties, from 9 ’till 7 in the morning
I live for the music, rolling blunts, feeling high, getting loaded or take some pills and go to La La Land
Spending all my money on dope and extreme high priced tickets
But in the end it’s all worth it
I like to live in my own world
Fuck regular life, fuck a 9 to 5 job
I’m told to enjoy every moment, every hour, every minute
That’s what I do on Fridays and Saturday
Why should I take life so seriously?
I just wanna do what I like to do
Being far from reality, cause I can’t stand society
This is my own world, I just wanna hear the music

I think the whole system f**king sucks
Everybody’s working their f**king ass off during the week
Getting totally f**king stressed out
So what’s wrong, and what’s right?
I live for the weekend, I live for hard styles, I live for hardstyle baby!

Headhunterz - Colors

Lyrics of Colors

You’ll see colors
This is Hardstyle
You’ll see colors

When you find that life is neither black or white
And the rain outside turns to glory
You’ll see colors

When you mark the sky and the sun comes through
Know your greatest days are ahead of you
You’ll see colors

A spark of light will seize the night
And reach beyond your vivid mind
There’s an end to your darkest day
You’ll see colors

A race of shame if we don’t evolve
Paint your dreams
Fill the sky with art

And ignite with the others
When we see colors
You’ll see colors

Brennan Heart - F.I.F.O.

Lyrics of F.I.F.O
You can do whatever the fuck you want
But if you walk this way you better fit in or fuck off!
Fit in or fuck off, motherfucker!

This is me, these are my people
We party harder than the others you know
We’re born free, created equal
We can be friends if you respect the code

There’s no room for hating in this life we love
It’s either fit in.. or fuck off!

This is me, this is my music
I like it just a little harder sometimes
Now why don’t we, go out and lose it
Freedom is free ’cause it’s all in the mind

There’s no room for hating in this life we love
It’s either fit in
Or fuck off!

Brennan Heart - Just As Easy

Lyrics of Just As Easy
Here is one of the moments that you love to hate me
And you hate you love me so
Because everything simple gets complicated
When we don’t talk no more

And I understand that you feel this way
And I’m sorry for my actions yesterday
But I can’t turn back the f**king time
And I can’t get it out of my mind

I wish life was like A, B
Just as easy as 1, 2, 3!
A, B, just as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Noisecontrollers - Down Down

Lyrics of Down Down
I’m at the bottom of the ocean
I don’t know if I’ll make it back home
I’m gonna stay down down
Down down

I’m at the bottom of the ocean
I don’t know if I’ll make it back home
I’m gonna stay down down
I’m at the bottom of the sea

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