During the year many hardstyle songs get released. Since the beginning of hardstyle’s legacy, there have been countless releases. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to remember them all. But this shall be no excuse – but a reason to dive deep into the history. Here is our trip down the memory lane of almost forgotten tracks – Episode 2


Welcome back to another edition of ‘ a blast to the past’ – again, with me ♥ Since we received overwhelming feedback from you, we decided to throw you back into your dear memories at least once a week.

Luckily the hardstyle music is vast and looks back on a long history. So – believe me – there were really a lot of great songs produced. Tracks that will show you the entire spectrum of Hardstyle music. So we browse through our libraries to find you those dusty old hidden gems. Today’s start will be

Brennan Heart – Musical Impressions

Label:   M!D!FY
Year:     2009

The track’s name is also the album’s name. At its release in 2009 it was one of very few pure hardstyle-only albums. Pretty hot stuff back then. The Album features many great works from Fabian (Brennan Heart) we could list here and the decision for today’s week was hard.

‘’ musical impressions define inspiration for years ‘’

This build-up is great, the melody which slowly intensifies in volume and power, the short delay before the drop and then the pumping main part, the very heart of the song. It is just full of energy and joy and because one melody part is not enough Fabian decided to gift us with a second melody part. To this day I can listen to it over and over and humming along with this beautiful melody.

A blast from the past episode 2: Official YouTube Video

Let us move along to the next track I’d like to show

Donkey Rollers – Innocent

Label:   Fusion Records
Year:     2009

Like so many tracks I just absolutely love this dirty piece of work. The melodic build-up is so dirty and the used elements sound just so ‘dirty’, I also love the edgy sounding lyrics especially the emphasis on ‘FOR NOWWE ARE … INNOCENT’.And then the after a short fade the melody kicks in and I just want to jump all over my apartment, this dirty dirty ‘low-dub-kick’ with its hint reverze bass element. Just Awesome ♥ I was pretty disappointed when they didn’t play the track at DEDIQATED last year – but their set was a bomb nevertheless.

‘’ for now…, we are…innocent ‘’

A blast from the past episode 2: Official YouTube Video

Well I took you from beautiful dreamy, to ‘dark-ish’ and now I want to show you a church.

Dozer – The Church of the Darkside

Label:   Fusion Records
Year:     2008

Well yes, okay another FUSION track – I really can’t help myself. But I really wanted to praise Tony (van Boxtel) for this work even when it’s just 13 years after the release. I felt in love with the song the very first time I heard the melody part. The melody is perfect to hum along to, the build-up is a perfect combination of tension and mysterious sound (effects) before the melody part just kicks in with the bassline and shakes though the whole room. And because one party part is not enough, Tony gifted us with a second part, right when you think ‘okay that’s enough’ -BAM! ANOTHER ATTACK ♥

A blast from the past episode 2: Official Video

‘’ this is our church – the church of the dark side ‘’

This was my “A blast from the past” Ep.2

Volume 2, and I really hope you rediscovered or discovered these hardstyle jewels. We are happy to receive your feedback, recommendations. Otherwise, we see you soon again – to the episode 3.

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