HE recently changed his label and his new home is now The Magic Show records. With its brand new design and upcoming plans, we thought it would be nice, to have a little chat with the newest member Solutio!

Hey Alain, it’s been quite a long time since your last release on Tillt records and it has been pretty quiet around Solutio – what was the reason?
Well, it has been 6 months or so since my last release. After the last release it was time for a change. That’s why I started the search for a new label with new opportunities, to grow as an artist. And a few weeks later The Magic Show contacted me if I wanted to join their label. It was the perfect timing.

In the meanwhile I’ve been actively producing for the last few months to improve the quality of my tracks. Expanding my sound bank to deliver more diverse tracks. So you could say “to find myself” a bit 😉

Sounds like you had been sick of your own music or style. What made you think you have to change something?
I’m not sick of my style or music. Not at all. I really love it. It brought me a lot of good things. But you have to evolve as an artist to keep your audience interested. So that is what I’m doing. Sometimes you just need a different twist in your signature style.

Solutio - Retaliation

I already heard, that you will join The Magic Show Records. Are you excited to join them? Why did you agree?
I’m pretty excited to join them, the whole TMS crew have been friends for some years now. I really have a good connection with them. That made the choice very easy. Also, they gave me a good feeling about their intentions and goals for the future. We were on the same page.

Furthermore, although you have been in contact and friends with them for a long time, what do you expect from The Magic Show Records?
I really have high expectations of The Magic Show. I think the label will really grow in 2016. They already made a huge step with the new branding. It shows quality and only just the beginning! Furthermore, they have a lot of talented artists, which produce quality music. I’ve seen the progress they made and this will continue for sure.


I really can’t wait for new music. You have such a unique sound design. But I guess there are some collabs incoming – can you maybe tell us with which artist you’ve planned something or already did a collab?
Just finished a collab with Artifact. Really happy with the result. Good blending of our styles. That’s how a collab should be. He already played it at Q-Base and Supremacy. The response is really good so far.

And after our successful track The Dark Presence, Chris One and I are now working on 2 more tracks.

Besides that I’ve been talking with other artists, but no concrete dates or plans yet. But more are on the way 😉

Warface - Bloodsheed (Solutio Remix)

You’ve done a lot with MC Jeff, are you good friends? What do you think of him as an MC and especially how’s working with him in the studio?
MC Jeff is such a great and talented guy. Really love working with him. You don’t have to tell him much. I just let him hear the track in progress and he immediately gets inspiration and starts brainstorming and rapping. Like we did with the track Bitchin’. Damn catchy vocals, he spits out haha. Get the f*ck outta my kitchen! Hopefully we can make another collab soon.

Besides new music what are your goals in 2016, not only as a producer, but also privately? Can we expect some Solutio performances soon?
Solutio: Just what I love to do most, just sit on my ass and make music haha! Nah, but seriously my goals are to bring quality, energetic tracks and climb my way back up the ladder.

Hopefully performing again soon, but that’s just a matter of time!

Solutio 6 MC Jeff - Bitchin

Glad to hear that! Do you remember your first performance, how was it for you?
Don’t get me started on my first performance. It was horrible! Back in 2004 I was selected by Q-Dance for the Defqon.1 talents at Q-Beach. It was a DJ contest for a few places for the purple stage back then. Also one of the contestants was Headhunterz, when they were still a duo.

But I never really played in front of a crowd and also a lot of pressure. I really looked up to Q-Dance and DefQon.1. I didn’t hear shit through my headphones. Every mix was terrible and I was shaking like mad.

Thank god I can laugh about it now haha

If I just type in “Solutio Defqon 2004” on Youtube, will I find a video?
Thank god no, maybe some bad reviews haha. Maybe via google search hehe

Maybe a bit late, but let’s talk about yourself – who am I talking to actually?
Hi! I’m Alain! Just a normal guy living in Groningen. Really got a bad sense of humor haha (in a good way, I mean, I really love stupid jokes and pranks).

Hehe tell me more about that!
Well, I’m always up for silly conversations which make absolutely no sense at all!

In my spare time I watch a lot of football. When I say a lot I really mean A LOT! Football addict is the best way to describe it. My girlfriend always has to watch football with me. Thank god she doesn’t mind it.

Besides that I like gaming on my PS4, of course a lot of FIFA haha. And going to the gym a few times a week to stay in shape! Like a lot of DJ’s do haha.

Have you been on holiday recently? Where have you been and with whom?
Just got back from my holiday in Turkey. Been there with my girlfriend for a week – it was really nice.

Well, I have two more questions about your past, like how did come in touch with hardstyle and when did you decide to produce?
I came in touch with hardstyle back in 2002. Started visiting parties in my hometown. DJ’s like Lady Dana, Luna and Showtek really inspired me. Showtek – Save The Day was the track that really got to me.

Solutio & The I's - Against Us

That’s been a long time .. do you still like the classics or events like Tijdmachine?
Yeah, absolutely love it. Also hoping to play at an event like Timemachine.

What was your first event?
My first event, I visited was Sensation Black 2003. Really impressive for a first timer.

Some years ago I played at an event and there were no visitors haha. Just the DJ’s and their friends. The party also lasted for just 1 hour! Just bad promotion I guess. It was in 2006 if I remember correctly, when I was still undiscovered.

Oh dear, I hope that will never happen again.

Thanks for the nice interview Solutio! I wish you all the best at The Magic Show Records and can’t wait to hear new music!

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