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This name stands for Hardstyle like only a few – Brennan Heart. With tracks like ‘Loose my Mind’ or ‘Imaginary’ his music touches millions out there. What started a as musical duo has nowadays evolved into an Artist, a music label and event name and is still evolving. But in the end it’s his music, which is in the center. Therefore, when he releases an album, the expectations are enormous. With a long tracklist and a long list of names who participated, we promise ourselves a firework of musical masterpieces. This is the review of ‘Brennan Heart and Friends’

Manja Schlegel / Zwiesel

18 Tracks

Brennan Heart (Fabian Bohn) was born in 1982 and he is a Dutch DJ, producer and the founder of the label I Am Hardstyle. Since he was 13 years old his fascination for electronic music continuously been growing. Today he is one of the biggest players in Hardstyle music. You can hear his passion for the game in countless releases such as ‘Get Wasted‘ (Defqon.1 Festival Anthem 2007), ‘Never Break Me‘ (2013) or album’s like ‘Evolution of Style‘ (2015) to just name a few big shots. His most recent released album is called ‘Brennan Heart and Friends‘. Tome for us, to give a short overview here.

This album is packed with 18 highly explosive tracks and collabs with the best of the best. Big names like the singer Jonathan Mendelssohn, Psyko Punkz, Blademasters, Harris and Ford, The Pitcher, Rebourne, Toneshifterz, Code Black, Auditorium, Max P, Dailucia, B-Front, the Metropole Orchestra, Jake Reese, Coone and Armin van Buuren have worked together with Brennan Heart to create this piece of expertise.

Let the journey begin

Of course, we could now analyze every track in detail, but this would clearly break the length of this review. Thus we only pick out the highlights for us and leave you with a clear message: This album is worth buying it!

With the first track ‘Journey‘ from Brennan Heart and Johnathan Mendelssohn the journey literally begins. A very fine track that gives you a good idea in which direction this album goes. Listening to this really makes you forget time and cerebral travel to our beloved festivals on our couch. The track ‘Time Is Now‘ (I am Hardstyle In Concert Theme) from Brennan Heart, Toneshifterz and Dailucia is also one of my favorites, so as the collab with Coone called ‘Fine Day‘. A worldwide known tune with some new power gets everybody moving.

Brennan Heart and Friends: Everything we are with Psycho Punkz

The track ‘Lose it All‘ comes along with the brilliant voice and lyrics from Jake Reese. Actually, a brilliant mixture of the Brennan Heart Hardstyle combined with a portion of The Disco Boys.

Highlight Blademasterz

Clearly one of the highlights is the track ‘Katana” from Blademasterz. All early hardstylerz instantly notice that known voice from the early days. A voice that brings me back to the Qlimax of 2009. A track with a fulminant intro, the track could easily be also an official anthem or concert track. wow!


As mentioned before, Brennan Heart and Friends offer you a complete package of 18 tracks.

  •    Brennan Heart & Jonathan Mendelsohn – Journey
  •     Brennan Heart & Psyko Punkz – Everything We Are
  •     Brennan Heart aka Blademasterz – Katana
  •     Brennan Heart x Harris & Ford – Addicted To The Bass
  •     Brennan Heart & The Pitcher – When Tomorrow Comes
  •     Brennan Heart, Rebourne & Toneshifterz – Heroes & Legends
  •     Brennan Heart & Code Black – Take Your Pain (feat. Armen Paul)
  •     Brennan Heart & Audiotricz – Stand Together (feat. Mikel Franco)
  •     Brennan Heart & Max P – Prayer
  •     Brennan Heart, Toneshifterz & Dailucia – Time Is Now
  •     Brennan Heart & Kayzo – Untouchable
  •     Brennan Heart & B-Front – The Code
  •     Brennan Heart, Metropole Orkest & Christon – Hold On To Tomorrow
  •     Brennan Heart & Jake Reese – Lose It All
  •     Brennan Heart & Coone – Fine Day
  •     Armin van Buuren & Brennan Heart – All One Me (feat. Andreas Moe) (Brennan Heart VIP)
  •     Brennan Heart – Born & Raised (feat. Enina)
  •     Jerome – Jupiter (Brennan Heart Remix)

If you haven’t put this album in your playlist yet then ist definitely time to do it because this is a real banger! Every Hardstyle lover will love it. The variety reaches from modern, to classic and even to early hardstyle sounds. Sometimes with more bass, sometimes with more euphoric elements.

The Album Showcase on Youtube

Of course, Brennan Heart presented this album with a special Album showcase on Youtube. A full performance over 100 minutes, provide a good impression of what this album contains.

Brennan Heart and Friends: Full Album Showcase on YouTube

Conclusion Brennan Heart and Friends

What do we got here? A full album with 18 diverse tracks, created by a bunch of Hardstyle legends. The result is impressive, lovers of the Euphoric but also the Rawheads will get served. We can’t stop listening to the album but also the showcase on youtube. Clear MUST HAVE!

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