In Zoetermeer, a town near The Hague in The Netherlands, talented DJs and well-known names got the chance to get into the spotlight by playing a rough battle in Club Envy. It was time for Chainreaction; Battle Night!

The last edition of Chainreaction took place after the canceled Craft event. Club Envy was fully packed at 23:00. What an amazing night it was, for those who can remember. It was perfect advertisement for Chainreaction. This time you could enjoy the event for only €6,- (early bird) or €8 at the door!

We did arrive at the doors of Envy at midnight. It was the same vibe as last time, but more space to get loose! We arrived during the set of Adrenalize vs Energyzed. These guys really deserve to play on bigger events. Energyzed, born in Zoetermeer, for instance did hit the main stage of Q-Base a few weeks ago together with Atmozfears. They played great tracks like ‘Save my Soul’ the new track by Energyzed. Also ‘Adrenalize & Festuca – Check this out’ came along. A nice euphoric hardstyle battle of two matching sounds. I can’t choose a winner. Maybe my love for Energyzed will give him the advantage.

After these two guys it was time for Critical Case vs Hyperactive vs P-Stylez. A battle with 4 people, since Critical Case consist of two talents!
Critical Case are really awesome, they know how to perform in front of the audience. They played tracks like; ‘Taking over’ and ‘Inferno’. Rough tracks, which made them win this battle in my opinion.

Now it’s time for some musical violence by Theracords. Project Exile vs Hardcraft. Project Exile is a really talented DJ who love to make tracks with dark vocals and very hard kicks. The recipe of Theracords you can say. Playing tracks like ‘Death May Die’ and ‘Rings of Fire’ he was playing a great set. Hardcraft held up well. Giving us tracks like ‘E.X.T.E.R.M.I.N.A.T.E’ and ‘Childrens Hour’ he was playing the best he can. Leaving me no other decision than call this battle a draw.


Getting in the right mood DJ Thera and Artifact entered the stage to play the best set of this evening. Playing there lovely new track ‘Revenge’ they gave me goosebumps everywhere. What a track! Deserves a spot in the top 100 of this year, in my opinion! Artifact was ready to play a great set and did start with ‘Let the show begin’. A good intro track. Thera was giving the best he can and played a lot of new tracks and older tracks from his training session album. What a great set this was!

After this set is was time for a new act; TWSTD, formerly known as Blackbass & Eddicted, in a battle with Raiden. The guys from TWSTD are working hard in the studio lately. They played a new track which sounds pretty awesome. Hard and rough stuff is were they are known for. Influenced by Hardcore and Rawstyle they make unique tracks and have their own sound. Raiden did play B2B with Mandy at the Qontinant this year, and is besides her beautiful appearance creative producer and DJ. A nice battle!

The last DJ of the night to hit the stage was DJ Icha. For one time there was a Hardcore act added to the line-up. Raising the BPM the party comes to his ending.

Chainreaction has always been a place for talented DJ’s. The line-up is completed with one or two bigger names from the scene. In the previous editions DJ’s like; Warface, E-force, Deetox, Delete and Radical Redemption did play at this event. If u want to enjoy music by talented DJ’s, with possibility of a big career in the scene, you better join to the next edition of Chainreaction!

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