Deetox - Street Movement/Do Or Die
80%Overall Score
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It’s a movement!

THER-134 is out now and again: a brutal raw release with killing kicks and awesome vocals! One of the few labels left which stayed “raw to the bone”! 

Find Deetox, Delete & MC Livid on one single release! ‘Street Movement’ is a dynamic, fast paced track with a great overall sound. The rap part is short but underlines the vocals of ‘Street Movement’. Besides the music I think Theracords creates one of the best release covers in the scene! You can feel the rebellion just by seeing the cover – the police lights and the molotov cocktail in his hand – just brilliant.

Both tracks have a creepy touch and especially ‘Do Or Die’ is enhanced by the detuned screeches and synth sounds. I think the vocals from MC Livid were not properly edited and so the second track is not as good as ‘Street Movement’. However hear for yourself:

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