Chainreaction - The Hardstyle Night
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A few times a year Zoetermeer is the place for talents to show their talents. For us, it is the event to spot these talents and enjoy their skills. This time, we did enjoy the event called ‘Chainreaction’ again.

The event is very low-priced with always one or two big headliners. This time, the headliner was the Qlimax anthem maker himself; ATMOZFEARS! That sounds promising! Besides Atmozfears, a few talented DJ’s will hit the decks. Lets start with DJ Differencia.

Differencia was first in line to start the event. He played some classics from Headhunterz and Noisecontrollers. He is full of energy. Not only behind the decks but after his set, he was enjoying the party very much. As talented DJ, he deserves to be on events like these.

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-15 om 10.45.00Now it is time for one of our favourite talents we did spot in 2015. He did play at the Radical Redemption – One Man Army event, at the talent stage.  Now he is back at Club Envy to show his skills and also play his new track! I am talking about Soulless. His tracks are going worldwide right now, even Jason Payne and Sub Sonik played his tracks at ‘Dark Universe Night’. So that all sounds promising. And Soulless did not fail. Of course there were some little mistakes, but again I was surprised by his talent. He played an awesome set with tracks like; Alchemy of Hardstyle, Just a Memory by Prefix & Density, and Retaliate with Hate. But he did also play his new track, still TBA, what a track! When this track dropped I thought it was a new track by a big producer, but it was Soulless himself which shows how much talent this guy has!


Next in line was the headliner of the evening; Atmozfears! He did start with his Qlimax anthem, Equilibrium. After that he played the new track of Sub Sonik – MF Psycho, what a banger! The set of Atmozfears was far from standard. He played many different styles. Even ‘Year of Summer’ came along. We made a switch to hard drop hardstyle with ‘Get Loose’ and, in the end, we did enjoy his new collab with Energyzed called ‘Hate Me’. A great set, but we didn’t expect anything less!

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-15 om 10.49.28

We did enjoy some solo acts this evening. Now it is time for a duo instead. Let’s make some noise for TWSTD! These guys are really working hard to get the fame they deserve. They are in the scene for a while under name Blackbass and Eddicted, but now as TWSTD, they are ready to break trough. They will sign at a big label soon, so better watch them. Now they are here to show their true identity. Starting with a Hit the Funk Remix followed by May God Be With You All, you know where this is going! After that they played tracks like Collateral Damage, Sparta (Endymion Remix), Firestarter and In Control by Bass Chaserz. Ending their set with Men of Steel, Old School Flow, and Fatal they showed what they are capable off. Together with MC Democian they did set the place on fire, bringing some rawness tot he eardrums.

unnamedAfter this duo, it was time for a solo act again. Thyron did hit the stage. And after all, I can say I am surprised about his skills as well. He made some awesome remixes and mash-ups. Starting his set with Wash Away and Piece of Shit by Radical he was ready to wreck the dome. After that he played an epic mash-up with Delete tracks; using tracks like Just Do It, Fatal, Dismissed and Funk. Goddamn, what a good mash-up it is! I was really surprised by Thyron his mixing skills. Every track in this set was influenced by Thyron his style, combining lyrics and melodies from different tracks. Well done!

Tyron was hitting the decks solo for 30 minutes, but after that D-Sturb did join him. This talent from Gearbox has a really rough sound, I like that. He did also play at the Radical Talent stage during Radical the One Man Army event. Together with Thyron he played tracks like; Paranoid, Do or Die, and Torture! After that they did start to turn the BPM’s to a higher level ann dropped some hardcore bangers. We were enjoying the sounds of ‘Masters of the Great Conspiracy, Repercussion and Dark Angel’.

The whole event was hosted by MC Democian. This MC really knows when to talk and when not. He has an awesome low sounding voice, that is really awesome along raw style tracks. This is a talented MC which deserves to be on bigger events! So better keep this guy in mind.

Envy is the perfect location for smaller events. The price of drinks is standard, the atmosphere is great, and the music is awesome. So next time we hope we can see you there enjoying a new edition of Chainreaction!

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