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Burned rubber on the asphalt, loud motorcycle engines and the lovely smell of fresh exhaust.The rider of Retaliation are back to conquer the Docks of Danger and Arms Depot. The Presidents of Pain are here to fall in the Prospect Section and damn all the Guillotine Disciples – Get ready for Dominator!

Bodyshock & Dyprax
From Zoetermeer we arrived relaxed and of course on time as always at the parking area of Dominator, with our partner EventTravel.
First of all: The stage looked great. Two motorbikes crossing each other in horizontal and vertical lines. A unique stage design and a real masterpiece! During the day motocross riders also did some stunts in this great decor. I arrived just in time to see the ending of the set by Bodyshock and Dyprax.

I’m a big fan of Dyprax with his track Break your Back. And I was happy he did play this one! The sound quality was great at the main stage. Ending their set with Ominous it was time for the Queen of Hardcore, Korsakoff!

Korsakoff played a spectacular set at Defqon.1,  so my expectations were high. She fulfilled them, by playing a solid set with some great tracks. I love the mix between hardcore and happy hardcore, hard basses and some funny lyrics.

Halfway through her set, among others Bitch (Frequencerz, Hardcore Remix) passed by. Also big tracks like Hurt (Korsakoff & Day-Mar) pounded across  the shining area of Dominator. Korsakoff leaving the stage. Time for one of my favourite crazy heads from Italy. Filippo Calcagni, better known as DJ Mad Dog!


Dj Mad Dog
Dj Mad Dog invited MC Jeff on stage to join him the whole set, to scream along with their tracks. Starting with Nirvana of Noize (2011 Dominator Anthem by Art of Fighters) and The Future (DJ Mad Dog feat MC. Jeff). Mad Dog had set the stakes high and showed how to do it right.

At Defqon I loved his new bootleg Warrior, and I went out of my mind when it was played! Mad Dog played many tracks produced together with MC Jeff because of him. Agony, A Real Voice, Back to the old school caused a figurative earthquake at Dominator. Ending his set with his #TIH track Rewind Mad Dog left the stage. One of the better sets this day.

Next up: another Italian artist will enter the domain. Even more crazy than Mad Dog. A carnival of doom is about to get started – Noize Suppressor!

Noize Suppressor
Starting his set with the track Get a life Noize Suppressor raised the volume of the bass! After that his famous song Circus of Hell was played. And a Circus of Hell it was, the main stage went total nuts! Some great tracks like Break It Down, Jackass Sperm and Bring the Pain were played.

As usual, this man could not stand still. He jumped in the air, slammed on his deck like a crazy motherf#cker, getting the crowd where he wants them to be. Also a great set by this legendary, energetic, Italian.

Destructive Tendencies LIVE
First live act of the day. Time for some UK Hardcore, Destructive Tendencies LIVE. They played some great tracks like This Is Your Moment (Live remix) and Agony (Remix). Yet, I thought it was not an amazing set. The bass which was quite present at Mad Dog and Noize Suppressor often lacked at this show.

They did end their performance with Partyraiser on stage, playing Sounds becomes one! Great track and the highlight of their show. Now let’s prepare for another hardcore queen, Miss K8!

Miss K8
Starting with her track Metropolis of Massacre (2014 Dominator Anthem) she brought us back to the vibe of Dominator 2014. Great opening for the set. The audience was once again awakened. Let’s go!

She mixed a solid set including Hellfire (Art of Fighters), Unforgettable (Miss K8, Radical Redemption remix) and Santiago (Angerfist & Miss K8).

A remix by Furyan, Turn down for what (Furyan remix) was premiered. As the set progressed, the quality sagged. Not a real highlight but still a nice set. Time for some Dutch musical violence from Rotterdam by Neophyte together with Outblast.

Neophyte & Outblast
They played a set with a lot of remixes with Dutch vocals aligned. MC Tha Watcher wanted the audience to sing along but you noticed the foreign still found it exhausting. So, the vibe was not that intense. Some big tracks like Still Nr 1 (Neophyte & Tha Playah, NL Remix) were played.

The Voice of Mayhem (2010 MoH Anthem by Angerfist) was one of the highlights of their set, while the whole audience was screaming along, letting hear their voice. Now it’s time for another legend. Raise your fist for..? Indeed ANGERFIST! LIVE.

Angerfist LIVE
This was a hell of a ride. All his tracks were played and mixed into an amazing set. Starting with The Desecrated, Strange Man in a Mask, Knock Knock he made the Dominator crowd insane!

After that we did listen to the sound of his shotgun, boom! – The Deadfaced Dimension and Shadowman.

Angerfist was at his best, scratching, slamming, working his ass off! He also played some older tracks like Mindscape and Self Acclaimed Criminals (Negative A & Counterfeit, Angerfist Remix) with Get MF Raw and Wake Up F**cked Up it gets a little rougher, but the ending of his set was just brutal!

Maybe you know which track I mean. Deathmask (Angerfist & Drokz Tripped Mix). Here the last bit of energy was vanished and we had just a few minutes to refill before, Evil Activities!


Evil Activities
Opening his set with Thunder (Evil Activities & E-life remix) and Raw to the Floor (Evil Activities & The Viper) Evil Activities went further were Angerfist has ended. The sun still on our faces, on this beautiful day, we enjoyed Raw generation (Amnesys) and Back to the Oldschool (DJ Mad Dog)

Of course his big banger Never fall asleep (Evil Activities, Tha Playah remix) was played. And we won’t fall asleep yet!

The audience screamed together at the last song, I will have that power (Hard Creation, The Stunned Guys Remix). One of the epic moments at Dominator 2015.

Unexist LIVE
From here the most terrifying Italian DJ is ready to take over the decks. A 30 minutes live performance by Unexist! Joined by Satronica (MC) and Malke (Live E-Drummer) Dominator was prepared for total destruction. MC Satronica starts to introduce Unexist with these words screaming from his lungs: “Dominator! Holland! The Home of Motherf#cking Hardcore! Make some noise for Unexist!”

Starting with his new track Music is My Weapon (Unexist & Crisis – Unexist Mix) he made the whole audience obey him in just 3 seconds! The bass dropped and everybody went insane! What a set by this man from Traxtorm Records. Satronica kept the audience awake with his vocals! Great teamwork. I don’t want to forget Malke, what a epic performance by this E-Drummer.

First time I saw Unexist, and I will never forget it. He played some great tracks like Devil’s Son and Fuck the System (Satronica & Unexist, Angerfist Remix) were the whole audience was screaming along!

I think we all enjoyed this set. In my opinion by far the best set of Dominator. It impressed me. Now it’s time for the last set of the day, including the end show. Time to go for a last ride. Bring it up for, Nosferatu and Tha Playah!

Nosferatu & The Playah
Starting with Still Nr 1 (Neophyte & Tha Playah) and Temple of Disease (Angerfist, Tha Playah Remix) they opened rough! Followed by The Wild Side (Nosferatu) and Timebomb (Neophyte & Tha Playah) it was time for a anthem mash-up! First the anthem of 2015, Riders of Retalliation (2015 Dominator Anthem by Nosferatu & Tha Playah).

Fireworks came across the whole main area. Amazing! Followed by flames on top of the stage and massive LED strokes. Metropolis of Massacre (2014 Dominator Anthem by Miss K8) was next in line followed by  Carnival of Doom (2013 Dominator Anthem by The Supreme Team).

The entire time, the crowd was treated to a spectacular fireworks and light show. This show was beyond borders. Maybe my best show. In my opinion it did beat the end show or Defqon 1. The vibe was awesome and the music quality was outstanding!


But, we wouldn’t be Hardstylemag if we wouldn’t talk about the hardstyle stage at Dominator.
The Line-Up for this year’s Dominator was massive, dominated by Minus is More, A2 Records and End Of Line. After the obligatory walk around at first, we moved to the hardstyle stage in middle of X-Panders set. It was a nice beginning, a few people we’re already dancing to some heavy kicks and the X-Pander typical sound.

After Italian’s rawcore hero Typhoon entered the stage and caused some heavy damage on the dancefloor. I just love his style, close to raw, but also packed with alot of hardcore elements. The slightly raising BPM made the set end with a big bang!

Also honourable to mention was Act of Rage, who is surprising me more and more, the often I listen to his sets. His power on stage, in his kicks and screeches will make you go with him the whole set. I can’t wait to hear some new tunes soon!

Digital Punk delivered a good set as always! The Supremacy Anthem 2015 was played for the first time – and damn, what a bomb!

A little surprising as well – Sub Sonik. Since ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ I kept an eye on him, his latest releases like the remix of ‘Outta my Way’ or To Hell were good and definitely high quality productions. You should visit one of his sets, to get stunned by this young talent, signed at WE R Raw.

With Artifact as the next act, I was kind of excited to listen to his set, especially because of his set time. The beach was packed, the sun was shining and the mod was incredibly good. I loved his performance and it seemed he loved it, too!

So, let’s take a look at the last five sets. Starting with Crypsis, heading to Warface, with an absolute killer set as always, over to Radical Redemption with an insane ending, to Chain Reaction, who killed it and finally E-Force who went as hard as possible in the end – a heaven for all rawstyle lovers!

Let’s take over to the design and show
I don’t lie, when I’m saying it was just impressive! When you entered the area you stepped into a whole new world, 100% fitting the topic – Rides of Retaliation.

The mainstage was a huge chopper, with a silver cylinder, showing the engine and a huge wheel similar LED screen, showing some cool animations. The stage was huge and between it, real cross bike drivers delivered a nice performance a few times.

All stages were fitting the topic and the name of the area – Arms Depot, was packed with weapons, tanks and was showing a Gun Shop.

The Docks Of Danger was the hardstyle stage and showing a Gas Station between some rocks, with a wooden bridge for ships and in front of the stage a huge ramp for the cross bike drivers to perform their stunts.

It was insane what Art Of Dance and Q-Dance designed and realized. Besides the stages, there was an off-road parkour, Bungee Jumping and a Joy ride as well as some loud and cool engine sounds at the mainstage delivering a great atmosphere.


The show at the mainstage was a hell of a ride, especially the endshow was pretty stunning with all its elements. I felt like I’m in my own little world. It was not as big and insane as the Defqon.1 endshow this year, but I felt it was better executed because of the creative design of the festival.

Do we need to tell you more? We recommend you to visit this amazing festival next year!




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