New energies are taking over Germany!

It really seems that the vast festival grounds in Germany come to life – finally! The announcement of more and more festivals throughout whole Germany does not surprise, as the interest is rising into new dimensions. Especially when it comes to events offering more than one stage and in particular offering a hardstyle stage, we do experience an absolutely amazing evolution!Hardsize_at_Electrisize-Festival-2016_01With an immense Q-Dance take-over at several festivals like the World Club Dome, Airbeat One or the New Horizons Festival, we are happy to see more and more hardstyle stages besides Q-Dance ones! The hardstyle sound does take over the festival season in Germany, it does take over Electrisize Festival – again!

New forces, new synergies and new energies are presented by more and more festival organizers. It was just a matter of time until Electrisize Festival drops the first names for this years edition. The Hardsize stage represents all we do love: uplifting melodies, pounding kicks, screaming screeches and the best hardstyle!

Hardsize Line Up Phase #1

At the age of four Bas Oskam fell in love with music. Electronic music. After ground breaking sounds, leading innovations in hard dance music, over 140 produced tracks and performances around the globe on every stage you can imagine, Noisecontrollers has become a world leading hardstyle artist. 

Noisecontrollers is one of the best hardstyle artists ever! He is always one step ahead, producing tracks influenced by music from other scenes like dubstep and drum and bass, developing new sounds. He does always produce unique masterpieces. He is taking the scene to another level! An outstanding performance guaranteed!

Awakened from the ashes, Toneshifterz is about to bring diversity to Electrisize Festival 2017. With knowledge about true classics like Last Night or We Are The Future and futuristic styles within Wild Wild West or his remix of Never Break Me, his music combines powerful vocals with uplifting melodies and beats.

His latest creation Psystyle was just another example of his creativity. Representing the sound of Australian hardstyle, Toneshifterz became one of the leading ambassadors. It’s all about the music and it always has been!

Electrisize Festival 2017 - Lineup Phase 2

Hardsize Line Up Phase #2

When screens are fading black. The lights gone out. Silence. A deep voice started talking. B-Front premiered his new album at Rebirth Festival Day 2, his new outfit and his new path. Screechy melodies and hard pounding kicks defined this amazing set! 

Whenever B-Front is on stage he is an absolute master delivering the energy of his music to the crowd and make it dance! With the perfect combination of melodies, mystical atmospheres and hard kicks he will tear down the Hardsize stage!

Psyko Punkz
A few weeks ago we had the chance to sit down with Psyko Punkz to talk about his album. His album ‘Wietse’ was released just a few days ago.  After the release of Spaceship in late 2016, one thing could not be denied anymore: Psyko Punkz is back!

This is not euphoric. This is not raw. This is hardstyle. Thank you Psyko Punkz for uniting a once so divided scene. For giving us an album that has aspects and tracks for every type of hardstyle lover. This is what hardstyle should be, no division, just hardstyle. Just press play and go! Just release and let go at Electrisize Festival 2017.

We are curious about Line Up Phase #3 and what the organizer have in store for the Hardsize stage!

More information

Tickets: 69,- EUR // VIP Weekend: 99,- EUR

Location:  Haus Hohenbusch, 41812 Erkelenz

Age: 18+


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