Hi Igor, it’s a pleasure for us to have this little chat with you. Since your new preview “EDM” and your recent productions you got a lot of attention! Your tracks were featured in many sets, podcasts and were supported by big names such as Adaro, Digital Punk, Warface and many more. Playing at Loudness was also a huge step for you.

Unresolved - EDM

1. Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi! First of all, thanks you for this interview!  I’m just a guy with a passion for hardstyle music, I was born in Ukraine, but I live in Italy with my Family since 14 years and since 2011 I’m in love with hardstyle. The first track I heard was “Noisecontrollers – Unite” and from that moment I totally dedicate myself to this kind music. It’s not something you can choose. It’s something that you will discover yourself, with time.

2. You have a nice haircut , how do you call it?

Hehe thanks, but I really don’t know! I always liked this type of haircut. If you would look back 5 or 6 years, I had a crest with longer hair. I think now it’s more serious.

3. Okay, back to the important questions! Can you tell us the story behind the name “Unresolved”? What’s the meaning or what does it mean to you?

In the beginning I called myself “Fedoteck”, but as time past and I was searching for my style and my musical path, I decided to rename it into “Unresolved”. It kind of implements something dark, rough and mystique I guess. And it’s unique!

Unresolved - Perversity

4. Referring to the massive support you got in the last month. How does it feel?

It’s just an incredible feeling! It’s really hard for me to find the right words to describe it. I feel so honored that my tracks are played by E-Force, Warface, Deetox, Luna, Alpha2 and many more. For me, a dream came true and I really enjoy it!

5. That’s actually amazing! You have already a huge community behind you and people love your style and tracks. That’s great and all: but why didn’t you play at a bigger festival yet?

Yeah, the support is amazing! All the kind words and dedication from the people. I would like to thank them all! My career as a DJ just started. At loudness, I had my first official gig and I already have more confirmed. There was just one gig I played before. I won a DJ contest for Bass Protocol and I had the chance to play there, but I’m pretty sure this summer you will see me at some festivals!

6. So your first official gig was at Loudness. How was it on stage? Guess you were nervous as f*ck! How did you prepare yourself for that gig?


Exactly, I was so nervous, because as I already said, the last time I played was at “Bass Protocol”. But the crowd was way smaller as at Loudness. I think, Loudness is my best experience so far, I really enjoyed my time on the stage with so many dedicated fans. I will never forget that moment!

7. We saw some pictures with people, lifting up their fan made Unresolved flags. And this on your first gig! Did you knew about it? 

I really couldn’t imagine that. I only knew that hardstyle fans are the best of the world and when I saw the flags for the first time I was like “WOW, unbelievable! “. I really want to thank Andreas and his friends from Germany! I’m so proud of what I reached so far and I think it’s all worth it!


8. Recently you posted, that you can confirm a very special gig. Can you tell us more? A hint? Something?

Sorry, but I can’t say anything at the moment. I can tell you that I have 5 gigs confirmed till August in 3 countries (Holland, Spain and Scotland) and I’m really looking forward to make them all special!

9. When you start producing a new track, where do you got the inspiration from? Furthermore, how would you describe your style?

It really depends on my mood and creativity level. When I sometimes have no idea, I listen to other genres and try to mix them up with my own style in my tracks. As you can hear, I always try to be as diverse as possible, trying out things and put together different elements based on the “Unresolved style”. But if I had to confess, my “FIRST” source of Inspiration is E-Force. For me he is a legend! And I hope to collab with him one day. I think my style is a blend of sinister stringed instruments, formidable screeches and tenacious kicks!

Unresolved - Gangsta

10.  Can we maybe expect a euphoric track in the future? Or do you want to stay raw?

At the moment, I prefer to stay raw because it’s what I love most, I don’t have so much collabs planned yet, but I need to take my time and organize myself for some good ones and lately, I was just so busy with other stuff.

11. Last but not least, anything else you want to tell us or your fans out there?

My Dream is to move to Holland and live as Dj/Producer there! I hope to achieve this dream as soon as possible, so I can be “near” to my dedicated fans. For the rest I can only say “Expect it RAW!”

Thanks again for your time and we wish you just the very best on your way! Keep up the good work.
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