“Give a man a mask, and he’ll become his true self”, this sums up this year’s theme of Freaqshow. Or should I say “Dresscode”. The trailer surprises us with less hardstyle music, and more atmospheric violin music, an old villa and a strange Masquerade Ball.

We found the origin of the handmade masks you see in the trailer and want to show you the perfect outfit for Freaqshow. If you want to impress you need a handmade Venetian mask. We found our favorite shop already.

For short time you can get one of the original masks you see in the trailer at Maskshopvenice.com. Enter the code FREAQSHOW2015 and get a 10% discount!

We tested two of the masks out of the unique collection. The real traditional Venetian masks are made with paper-mâché, and have a solid look and feel. Decorations made out of gold, leaf and silk give them the last touch. A good quality product for a low price. This ensures that this year, everybody can be a part of Freaqshow with their best outfit.

If you like it a bit more “scary” you also find latex masks, which will fit like a glove on your skin. Last but not least, they also offer designs made out of copper, leather and glass. These are the most outrageous steampunk masks. You find most of the masks online, but if you live nearby you have to check out their store in Amsterdam, in Warmoesstraat 18a for even more creative ideas.

And if you want to bring your costume to the next level, they also have an Italian tailor, who makes real costume Capes, Hats and Jabots, which fit perfectly to the masks. A classy look guaranteed!
But let’s go back to this year’s “Dresscode”. On the official Freaqshow page you find small phrases which give you hints.

“We invite you to come as your most unrecognizable self and dress for success. Wear a mask, select your most impeccable outfit and join the society.”

So, besides a mask you need an elegant, sleek outfit. But don’t forget that it will get pretty warm while you party. Anyway, I can’t wait to see all the creative designs you guys come up with. Find all the pictures of the DJs here.

Freaqshow 2015 Lineup

The Viper
Dr Punk
Bass Modulators
Dark Pact
Radical Redemption
MC Villain

Stage 2
Sub Zero Project
Bass Chaserz
Advanced Dealer
MC Dash


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