It is time to release your inner monstrosity. The final event of the year. Time to celebrate New Years Eve. Combine the year into one event. Is there a better place to celebrate New Years Eve than Freaqshow?! We went to Freaqshow for the second year in a row now. We liked the previous edition. Let’s have a look at Freaqshow 2016!


This years topic was Crazy Circus. So, you can expect some wicked stuff, crazy clowns, and a lot of freaks! The topic offered the possibility of wild speculations. Still the anthem made by Cyber and the video clip gave you quite some good hints. It’s all about the oldschool horror circus.



Upon forehand we checked the surprising line-up. Why surprising, you may ask? Well, who would expect an euphoric line-up like this, including a bad-ass RAW line-up at the second area!? One of the biggest surprises that did come out of the ‘magic Q-dance hat’ was Rebourne. He had the honor to open up the main area this evening!

The line-up is completed by; The Prophet, Andy Svge, Cyber, Zatox, Brennan Heart, Deetox, Frequencerz & Warface – Hosted by Villain. This year there was an area 2 with the following line-up: Demi Kanon, Galactixx, JNXD, Jason Payne, Main Concern and Tartaros – Hosted by MC Livid. A few days before the event Q-Dance did announce a 3rd, small area hosted by Lip DJ and MC Democian, but also The Vision – travel back in time to the best classics.


Stage Design

We did enter the Ziggo Dome arround 20:45, just before the start of Rebourne’s opening set. The area was already packed for 60%. The freaky fanatics were ready to be entertained! We did already spot the first dressed-up people. When we entered the main area, we did directly spot 4 pillars in each corner. It strongly reminded us at Qapital, one of the older editions. Inside these pillars were structures with a ‘Crazy Circus’ object. Think about a ‘shark’, and a ‘woodenhorse’.

Some of them did look pretty creepy, hehe! When we did aim our noses to the front we saw the stage, with a design like an oldschool circus which just opened their doors. It didn’t look that spectacular though, but did suit the theme nicely. Inside the stage was a LED wall with visual effects. They were a bit kiddy but also funny sometimes, with a cartoony drummer for instance.



Freaqshow is always about the Q-Dance Top 10. Well, speaking about service, Q-Dance is our number #1 of 2016! Q-Dance always deliveres high quality service towards every visitor, guest, vip or press. We entered the event without any row. The other visitors had to wait a little longer, but still every Q-Dance event is working out pretty solid. Or did you ever read any bad words about a Q-Dance event, organisation wise?

The Ziggo Dome offers nice services as well. You can buy a locker for €2,-. Every time you open it you have to pay again. But, Think about the normal locker price at an avarage event. Mostly that is around €7,50. So, you can open your locker 3-4 times for that amount of money, which you obviously will never do. The Ziggo Dome does use standard coins, which you can use every event in the Ziggo Dome in the upcoming 1/2 year.

Main Area

Let’s talk about the first area now. Rebourne did play a really great set. It did surprise me when I saw the line-up. On the other hand, I knew it would be a great set. I saw him playing once at Dreamfields Festival 2014, which was great! So 2 years later he would be even better, was my opinion. And so it was. Of course he had to play a lot of classics since it was an opening set, but that was no problem at all for Rebourne. His set had a good drive from the beginning till the end, the crowd showed some respect during the set, it almost felt as magical as a Qlimax opening set.


The Prophet

After Rebourne it was time for MR. Scantraxx, aka The Prophet. The Prophet is known for his classical tracks, but in the present future he did also create some crazy original tracks. Think about Caramba, which he of course did play during his set and was even the number one sold track of 2016! He did also drop his tracks Timemachine and Kikkdrum. But in total the set of The Prophet didn’t stay in our memory for long.

Andy Svge

The Prophet left the stage, time for Andy Svge. Andy who? Well Andy Svge is a pretty new name in the scene, isn’t he? Well, we know he was playing for a long time under another alias, but that’s for another time. We did spot a brand-new track during the Defqon.1 Closing Show. ‘Well, that one escalated quickly..’ – Gravity! And now he is playing at Freaqshow. A coinsidence? No, we don’t think so. Maybe the track, Gravity, which we are talking about now, will reach the top 10 at Q-dance top 100?  The set of Andy Svge did continue where The Prophet did end. Very euphoric minded, with original musical influences of other spectrums.

Q-Dance top 10  

In case you did miss the top 10, we did sum it up for you.

Freaqshow 2016 | The Q-dance Hardstyle Top 10

1o. Bass Modulators – Dragonblood (Defqon 1. Anthem 2016)
The last 3 years, all the Defqon anthems were in the top 10. So this was no surprise. Maybe this was not the best Defqon.1 anthem? Still, we liked it and it’s magical!

9. Gunz for Hire – No Mercy
They are going rougher and rougher, with their new world tour they conquered. No Mercy is one of their biggest products of 2016.

8. Audiotricz & Atmozfears – What About Us
This is without a doubt one of the  best ‘sing a long songs of 2016’.

7. B-Front & Alpha2 ft. Snowflakes – Lost
B-Front did start this year with a crazy X-Qlusive. Lost is a truly magical track! Even though Paradox took all the attention in the end, people didn’t forget about Lost.

6. Atmozfears ft. David Spekter – Keep Me Awake
Speaking about the best ‘Sing a long songs of 2016’, this one truly clames the throne!

5. Coone – Rise of The Celestials (Qlimax Anthem 2016)
This year is all about the magical euphoric anthems with a RAW twist, in a good way! Coone did a sick job with Rise of the Celestials, the Qlimax anthem. One of the best anthems of the last years.

4. Warface & Frequencerz – Menace (D-Sturb Remix)
A remix can be pretty good. Last year we had For The Streets by Regain, this year Menace by D-Sturb. Do you know how to kick-roll without music? I bet some of you can.

3. Frequencerz & E-Force – Gods
Speaking about epic atmosphere. Gods is the masterpiece of Frequencerz & E-Force.

2. Frequencerz – Die Hards Only (Q-Base Anthem 2016)
As we said before, this year the anthems of all Q-Base events were crazy! Die Hards Only is a crazy track for an anthem, everybody can scream along. This is an anthem you can play whenever you want, it’s still really uplifting during any set!

1. ANDY SVGE – Gravity
What a surprise? Gravity is the new Solar. Out of the box, influenced by Trance, this is the new number one, Gravity by ANDY SVGE!

The top 10 was presented, Gravity playing loud through the Ziggo Dome. Some people were complaining that there wasn’t a big show with fireworks. Cyber was playing directly after the top 10 show. The New Year did start with the anthem of Freaqshow 2016, by Cyber. This was the perfect time for a Q-Dance show. Fireworks did spread towards the roof and freaky things appeared. Some confetti and lasers? You got it right now!



Lately, Zatox doesn’t appear solo on big events. Dave Raven is there to join him on stage. And so he did this time. Zatox played a solid set with the RAW italian twist. But the real party started when the next DJ joined the stage: Brennan Heart!

Brennan Heart

He did open with the FCK On Cocaine remix by Radical Redemption, after that he did drop the Sub Sonik – O Fortuna Dj Tool into the drop of Sandstorm! A creative way to destroy the Ziggo Dome. Dailucia joined the stage, and together they did drop a few more tracks. Think about Masterblade and Rellen in de Hel by Adaro.

Area 2

We did try to reach Area 2 a few times, but unfortunately it was so crowded that the security told us we we’re not allowed to go inside. Finally, during the set of Jason Payne we could step into … a sauna? Well, it definitely felt like that. He did play a sick set including 39 tracks! Wow..! That’s DJ-ing. Starting with Freakz at Night and Genocide he went crazy from the very beginning. There was seriously no time to even catch a second of rest. In the middle of the set he did drop About Me, Chainsaw and Strength. Domination. Power, The Helix and Wakin’ Up. All big bangers with devastating kicks.085_20170101__freaqshow_mno-photo_0084_25379Hell jeah, give this man the main floor next year! After Jason Payne it was time for the last act of the DJ Main Concern. They did play their tracks Survive, Ultimate Reality, Redstorm, Haters and more .. for the final time. A loss for the scene. But maybe they will think about a comeback in the upcoming years. The area was packed to the max. It felt like you were dancing inside a hot jungle, but still everybody went crazy. A way different vibe than at the chilling main area. This was for the rebels. This was for the RAWheads.


After these sets we went back to the main area. Deetox was playing there. She did play a way softer and more euphoric set than usual. Later at her facebook account she wrote that this is the new Deetox sound. Why do all the big names go more euphoric, choose for atmosphere? Do they fear the gear? Of course it does still sound very RAW. We don’t know if these switches are a good thing, or an excuse. But still, we have to say; The new tracks from Deetox did sound sick!!


Frequencerz & Warface

It was the final set of the night, a interesting combination which resulted in some big bangers, but how do they perform together in one set? In our opinion the styles did crash a bit to much. Frequencerz were dropping tracks that were to soft compared to the tracks Warface dropped before them. They did play some new tracks and some older tracks, also some new tracks by Triax project ‘Killshot’ were passing by.

After some rough beats, we think it was a Deadly Guns track, Freaqshow 2016 did come to an end. It was another great edition to celebrate the New Years Eve. We hope next year will be even better. Maybe it’s time for another set-up with a bigger area 2, cause we had some difficulties this and last year with entering this smaller area.
Still, we have to say this is the way to celebrate the end of year. See you next time at another Q-Dance event *Whum Whum*

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Medium Sized Events Rating
The AtmosphereAll the freaqy costumes
Sometimes a little stickyYou couldn't enter area two for quite some time
Line Up90%
Ticket-Price/Performance Ratio100%
BONUS #1: Jason Paynes set in the second area100%
BONUS #2: The Q-Dance Top 10100%
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