For those who have survived the boner-attack after it has been revealed that Project One is coming back. Today Q-Dance finally announced this year’s anthem maker for Qlimax 2016: Rise of the Celestials! The Line up of Qlimax had been published since quite a while now, act by act. We cannot wait for this years edition, so we wrote down our thoughts about the Line Up, the show and possible stage, our expectations and will give you a quick overview about Qlimax 2016!

What Qlimax Rise of the Celestials trailer says:

There is a Seed

to Rise from from the Ashes

Of the Old World

Embrace Beauty & Darkness,

Transcend the Physical

Enter the Mystical’

Finally the good old Qlimax mood and its unique atmosphere are back! A kick ass line-up,  we expect Qlimax Rise of the Celestials to be some kind of crossover between ‘The Nature of Our Mind’ edition and ‘Immortal Essence’. The design of the poster is absolutely mesmerizing, with at its center a Dark Goddess wearing a crown displaying dark feathers made out of fire and iron. Pale and chaotic, this mythical entity will make you swear your allegiance to darkness…and make you embrace it’s seducing power!

Qlimax 2013 | DVD/Blu-ray | Coone

But what can we expect from the stage this year? Will this be a huge Prometheus head towering over the people like at Qlimax 2014? Or something more like a russian doll stage, always changing, growing bigger and bigger? Will her feathers we the see in the background move? For sure Q-Dance will make sure, that Qlimax’s 2016 show will kick ass! The theme offers lots of opportunities to deliver a grand show, a dark and mystique atmosphere and the Qlimax feeling, we all love. We’d love to see tons of flames and something that looks evil, dark, that really fits with the trailer.

Transcend the Physical, enter the Mystical’. We can maybe imagine of a stage with a towering and seducing goddess(‘embrace beauty’) at its center, that would stare at us and get darker after each set, spreading her evil wings, turning herself into a ‘Mystical’ Entity and making us finally ‘embrace darkness’.

Curious to see what Qlimax has to offer this year!

Now, let’s have a look at the Qlimax 2016 Lined-Up:

Tuneboy : ‘It takes the physical… to awaken the mystical.‘

We can of course expect Tuneboy to treat us with good old reverse bass as the italians are the absolute uncontested masters in this field. They know better than anyone how to electrify the crowd and keep the madness flowing and growing.

Interesting fact? It’s  the first time Tuneboy performs solo at Qlimax without Technoboy as TNT aka Technoboy & Tuneboy. Let’s not forget that Tuneboy has been one of the major pillar of Hardstyle for a long time and deserves more than anyone to play at Qlimax.

Project One | Qlimax 2008 | Bluray

Audiotricz: ‘Rise above desire… and fear

It’s their first time at Qlimax and they absolutely deserve it. They have a tremendous impact on the crowd every time they play and they show a great variety in the track they chose in their sets. Their latest release ‘Inception’  was one of the best tune of this year at Defqon.1 Dragonblood in Holland. They are also responsible for masterpieces like ‘Release’ & ‘Reawakening’ they produced with Atmozfears. That’s a no-brainer, they will deliver one crazy euphoric set, and rock this mighty Gelredome!

Brennan Heart: ‘Embrace the Darkness

This guy doesn’t need an introduction. He is one of the most important pillars of Hardstyle, and the mastermind behind ‘I Am Hardstyle’ and responsible for some many legendary tracks and albums. He has seen it all. Conquered it all, and will use his mystical ability to raise your heart rate to total insanity mode !But hey, it’s not all as he had recently posted something about a revive of ‘Blademasterz’…. An ‘Alternate Reality’?

Coone: ‘Rise from the ashes…

He is this year Qlimax Anthem maker, and his track ‘Rise from the Celestials’ will definitely raise your emotions and get get your consciousness to the next level! What an amazing anthem!  Last time he played at the Gelredome was in 2013 where he delivered one hell of a quality and unforgettable set. But this is also the kind of guy who puts you right on in the mood with his latest podcast on a friday afternoon:  “Qlimax: Rise of the Celestials Special” ! Check this out !

Global Dedication - Episode 20 #GD20

Project One: ‘A supreme form of being’

Also known as Big Boner Time for any hardstyle fan that have been through Hardstyle’s Golden Area, Headhunterz & Wildstylez, the most hyped artists of all time get back to back as Project One and if you have survived the massive earthquake that hit the whole community when Q-Dance announced they were back in business for this year Qlimax, well I guess you won’t dodge the huge turkey-slap that is about to hit us all when they’ll start playing!  ‘The Story Unfolds’!

Bass Modulators: ‘Open your eyes… For the very first time

They have rocked Qlimax 2015 last year like no other and every time they jump on a stage, they turn people into real party animals. They were this year Defqon.1 2016 Anthem Makers with ‘Dragonborn’ and it has been one of the best Defqon.1 edition of all time. Again, no need to introduce them, they keep rocking everything that moves, and all of their tracks they have recently released are absolute masterpieces!

Curious to see what they have planned for this year at Qlimax!

Frequencerz: ‘Ignite the fires… Let us rise

Also known  as Medium Rare crazies. They were responsible for this year Q-Base anthem with their track ‘Die Hards Only’.To have them at Qlimax is an absolute relief! They are raw acts, but not the rawest and I think that is what can make the difference with the previous Qlimax Edition that was way too messy and unbalanced. They are the key element to bring Qlimax to ‘Ignite the Fire and Let us Rise’. Qlimax has finally found the perfect balance for this Mythical Event!

B-Front: ‘Unity is strength

What a great choice! His style fits to the perfection with this year Qlimax Theme ‘Beauty & Darkness’. He has risen from the Golden Area of Hardstyle and shows a mature and unique sound design oscillating between light and dark atmospheres like no others. He was the mastermind behind legendary tracks like ‘Mysterias’, ‘Inner Creativity’ or ‘Blackness’. Darkness is his realm and he will guide us again through the darkest sides of Hardstyle. Let’s not forget that he was picked earlier this year as X-Qlusive Legend, and his show at the Ziggo Dome was one of the most impressive of all time.

B-Front - Mysterias

Angerfist: ‘Realize the supernatural

This guy is an absolute Beast and a Legendary Hardcore Act. He has been through all generations, has seen it all, conquered it all, and few can claim to have brought as much to the Hardcore scene as he did.  With more than a million fans on facebook, his long awaited performance at the Gelredome has finally come. He has never played at Qlimax, and we can expect a superb and ‘Supernatural’ finish for his closing act !

Villain: ‘You gave me the word… And the light

Many people were expecting MC Ruffian to host Qlimax back again, but Q-Dance decided otherwise. He will guide us throughout this legendary night as he did last year. Remember guys that MC Ruffian did almost all the Qlimax before Villain. It is logical to sometimes give opportunities to other MC’s, and MC Villain has all that it takes to carry us up to the next level. He is energetic, and have proved now for years that we was definitely not a con-artist. He knows better than anyone how to drive the crowd to utter madness. Let’s unify behind him and spend one hell of a party !

The whole Hardstyle Mag Crew will attend this year Qlimax Rise of the Celestials, and we hope to meet some of you and go crazy together!

See you all there!

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