This year Freaqshow is set to be absolutely magnificent, absurd and of course… Freaky ! Are you ready to dive into the most crazy and amazing show on earth? We had the pleasure to catch up with the one and only Cyber that is responsible for this year Freaqshow anthem with Freak Out!

Hello Sereja, how are you doing man? It’s a real pleasure to have you here today!
Hello, thankyou for having me – it’s a pleasure!

You are responsible for this year Freaqshow anthem and at the first listen we have we immediately know that you are the mastermind behind this masterpiece. Congratulations! How did you feel after being told that you would be this year freaqshow anthem maker?
It’s a funny story, back then at Q-base i was standing backstage and said hi to a few people from Q-Dance, they we’re saying “oh the anthem maker of Freaqshow” but i didn’t even knew about it yet! (Ofcourse i said yes)
But obviously it’s amazing to be able to make the Anthem of such a huge Party.

I know that you have been playing there last year, what is for you little things that make Freaqshow such an amazing party?
First – everybody get’s dressed up & let’s the inner freak out, there are not many partys/festivals where you see people completely dressing up! Second – it’s the biggest Hardstyle new year’s eve party, so it’s a great night already!

Freaqshow 2016 | Official Q-dance Trailer

When I listen to this track I feel like going to a spooky circus that looks like the one in the movie Freaks of Tod Browning (1932) , where you see all kind of ‘Freaks’, like the tree-trunk man, the siamese sisters and etc. Is that what inspired you to make this track?
I received a few “keywords” in which style they wanted the anthem, therefor i worked around those themes, i wasn’t allowed to do a “Scary, Haunted, Halloween” theme

I really love that ‘Strange but Funny’ atmosphere in this tune. In the mid-intro I can hear some notes that sound a bit like the Pumpkin anthem  you made earlier this year together with MC Villain . What were the words that were told to when you had to make this anthem?
For the Freaqshow Anthem – “Chique, Vintage, Funhouse, Circus, Burlesque – Absurd”
And for the Pumpkin Anthem i had totally freedom – but i knew it’s a halloween party so i tried to make it a bit dark.

How do you think the stage will look this year?
I have absolutely no idea, i’m not involved into this process.
But i’m sure it will look great, as always!



Have they already told you how you would dress up ahah? Maybe like a big Pumpkin, I’m sure it would be awesome!
Not yet, probably as a weird clown or in a sexy burlesque costume haha!

Alright Cyber, thank you for your time, and again, congratulations for having been chosen to be this year Freaqshow anthem maker! The whole Hardstyle Mag wishes you to have a blast there!

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