Freaqshow 2014 - The Twisted New Year's Celebration
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Let’s count this motherf*cker down!

Once again we gather on this dark and scary night. Surrounded by creations, burned, murdered and doomed for eternity! Freaqshow 2014 was the place to celebrate your sins. A true ceremony to the dead and a great place to start the New Year!

Two stages, two MCs, 16 DJs and over 12.000 freaqs on the dance floor made this New Year’s Eve truly unforgettable. Before we take an indepth look at the event you should check out the anthem of this year’s Freaqshow made by Da Tweekaz. “Celebration of Sin” is a twisted, but matching topic for the event and drove our excitement to its limit.


Donnie Darko and Dr. Rude started the Freaqshow 2014, but with all respect to both of them, the real experience started at 22:15 with Max Enforcer, who took us on a real “Journey” with his euphoric set. The Freaqshow Top 10 ended with “Seven” by E-Force, one of the most played tracks this night, and the countdown wasn’t even the highlight of Freaqshow 2014!

The Top 10 tracks of 2014 played at Freaqshow 2014:

10. Ran-D ft. E-life – The Hunt (Intents Festival 2014 Anthem)
9. Coone – Survival of the Fittest (Defqon.1 2014 Anthem)
8. E-Force & Frequencerz – Men of Steel
7. Warface – FTP
6. Frontliner & Radical Redemption – Frontliner & Radical Redemption
5. Frontliner – TBA 2 (One More Time)
4. Outbreak –  #Bassface
3. B-Front & Frequencerz – Psycho
2. Noisecontrollers – Down Down
1. E-Force – Seven

Our favorite DJ, or DJ Duo, at this night was Da Tweekaz. We really felt the craziness in their set and the typical Tweaky style just fits very well to the Freaqshow. They played the right amount of ‘jumpy’ and very danceable tracks.

It was getting rough after Psyko Punkz and Festuca. The second highlight of the mainstage got introduced and we welcomed Frequencerz at 04:15! It was just a fiasco of hard kicks and high screeches – and we loved it!

Sadly Adaro could not beat Frequencerz in his roughness and it would be better if he played before them, but nevertheless the transmission to DJ Anime and the hardcore ending was well done.

True Rawstyle fans enjoyed Deetox in the “Hidden Room”, since she was the best act on the second stage. Other honorable mentions are Phrantic and Pandorum.

MC Villain and Axys did a flawless job on both stages!


A big skull face, many different colours and two led mosaics made the main stage of this year’s Freaqshow. The big ‘octopus” shaped like scaffolding with the disco ball gave the night an old school flare. It was just wonderful to walk through the Ziggo Dome and see all the creatures of the night. The biggest contribution came from the fans, who filled up the dancefloor with a scary and dark feeling and extraordinary costumes.

Freaqshow 2014

If you were close enough you could spot some nice outfits from the artists. Light effects and the huge multicolor LEDs were used to create different light patterns to fit the mood. Overall the show was a feast for the eyes and Q-Dance did the best with such a simple design. Fireworks and Pyro Effects made the picture complete.

Freaqshow 2014 Stage

You should check out all the great pictures of Freaqshow 2014 on the official Q-Dance website.


The Ziggo Dome is one of the best spots to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The entrance is very fast, you can use the free Garderobe or get a locker. Since we arrived a bit later there were no lockers left, but luckily we could hand our bags to the staff at the Garderobe. As always you had a big variety of fresh food, fruits and plenty of drinks. The prices ranged between 2,8€ for water and soft drinks, up to 5€ for hard alcohol. If you use the free tap water you can survive the night with an extra of 20-30€. A big advantage is the comfortable seating for all those who need a minute to relax the inner freak. VIP’s had also an area facing the stage for a even greater view.

We had enough space to rock the dance floor on the main stage, but it took us very long to enter the “Hidden Room”, the second stage, after 01:00!

I will keep it short for you! Freaqshow is the best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve if you are a hardstyle fan, that’s for sure! The concept is simple, but you still get a dense and harmonious event that will be unforgettable! See you next year!

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