Lara Celine Wolf

Since the situation due to the corona crisis in many countries got really critical the people are asked to stay at home (social distancing) to prevent spreading the virus even faster.
To make the situation a litte bit more bearable, Gearbox Digital decided to give us a little pleaser.

Last night Gearbox Digital released an album of 24 Tracks, which is called GEARBOX PRESENTS LOCKDOWN.
It contains tracks from not only every current Gearbox artist we know, but also from former ones.
Within 1-2 weeks they created a unique album which not only will help us trough rough times like these, but also provide a certain message:
We’re all in this together. We are working on new music for you. And when we got trough this crisis, we’ll party to all of these bangers together like never before. The love for the music still connects all of us.

01. Sickmode – Emoji
02. Malice- Bring Me To Hell
03. Rebelion – B.T.T.F (Overdose Edit) 
04. Fraw – Push Some Body 
05. Code Crime – Bass Demon 
06. Bright Visions – Games 
07. Anderex & Deezl – New To The Game
08. Decim8 & Epidemic – Disconnected 
09. Ncrypta – NXT LVL (Sickmode Remix) 
10. The Straikerz – No Fighting 
11. Luminite & Mc Focus – Final Countdown 
12. Sins Of Insanity & Re-Mind – LIFE
13. I Giocatori – Engage 
14. Krowdexx – Scream For Mercy (Avoc and Sickmode Remix) 
15. Mish – First Blood 
16. Murdock – The Antagonist 
17. Sickmode & Fraw – Make You Freak
18. Invictuz – Epic Rage 
19. Hardphonix – Ain’t A Game 
20. Avoc – Ignore You
21. Mutilator – Burn In Hell 
22. Arzadous & GVBRX – Get Louder 
23. Deezl – Deamons
24. Insanatix – Go Insane 

To be honest we didn’t expect any releases that fast and this was a huge surprise for all of us. But they really did a great job!

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