Hard Bass 2015 Review
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February is Hard Bass time and the first must-go event of this year. Either live in Arnhem or via livestream or radio! We will talk about every team, the design and line-up. And don’t forget to rate Hard Bass 2015 for yourself!

A small, 12 tracks long mix as a warm up presented by luscious Luna. Good oldschool music to enjoy like ‘Unlocked’ by Luna or ‘Get Up’ by Dutch Master! We were ready to bring it to the dance floor and wreck the Gelredome with nearly 30.000 other fellas!

Hard Bass is known for its structured line up. Four teams, Four musical themes and of course four colors. Starting with Euphoric and getting rougher and rougher!

So, the warm up was over and we got excited for…

Team Blue

Code Black, Audiotricz and Toneshifterz better known as team euphoric began the evening and so Hard Bass 2015! We enjoy different crossover tracks with great vocals and uplifting melodies, that were beyond our expectations.

Starting with ‘Dance No More’ as the intro this set was dominated by great edits and vocal remixes. Of course Code Black’s euphoric classics were not missing (Pandora, Accelerate, Draw Me Closer).

‘With the light out, it’s less dangerous. Here we are now; entertain us’… DROP THAT GHETTOBLASTER! Yeah, a wild mix of two tracks but ‘Ghettoblaster’ with ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ rocked the stage hard.

Hard Bass 2015 Team Blue

The highlight of Team Blue was the live set of Bass Modulators, dropping their Hard Bass 2015 Anthem ‘Interception’ and ‘Radiance’ with vocals from ‘Music is my life’ right away. What a genius start!

The rest was, again, dominated by edits and mixes, both creative and thrilling to listen. One good example was their edit of the Freaqshow anthem they made in 2013 – in 160 bpm?

All in all it was a great set, even if we doubt it was as live as some of us thought it would be ;).

More honorable mentions:

  • Code Black & Atmozfears – Accelerate (HB 2015 Edit)
  • Mako – Our Story (Audiotricz Bootleg)
  • Code Black ft. Chris Madin – New World
  • Noisecontrollers – Faster ‘n Further (Bass Modulators Remix) with Remy Ma’s ‘Jump’

Team Green

Brennan Heart, Atmozfears and Zatox shined in bright green light and it was time for the next team and for the second OST ‘Space Warrior’ by Frontliner & B-Front in an special intro edit. Some transitions between tracks were really abrupt, but still nothing disastrous.

Hard Bass 2015 Team Green

Next up: one of the most wanted acts this night B-Frontliner (B-Front & Frontliner). They presented us three new upcoming releases in their set. Once again we were surprised about this combination of euphoric and rawstyle. It was not the best live act of the night and in the end we expected a bit more than we got.

More honorable mentions:

  • Atmozfears & Energyzed – WAT?! (Hard Bass 2015 Edit)
  • Tatanka & Zatox Presents Wild Motherfuckers – Hard Bass (Official Hardbass Anthem 2011)

Team Yellow

Adaro, Crypsis and Outbreak made the transition to rawstyle. It was time to get harder and rougher at Hard Bass 2015! Especially the tracks by Minus Militia were huge at this night, giving the crowd what they required – pure raw kicks and screeches.

They ended with ‘Torture’ and now it was finally time for the live act of team yellow!

Hard Bass 2015 Team Yellow

What should we say to Frequencerz? Their set was amazing, mixing ‘old school’ rawstyle with great live edits. ‘Pitch Black’ was one of the best examples for what you can do with an track if you are experienced enough – adding the missing something to a flawless rawstyle track and ‘blowing our brains out’.

More honorable mentions:

  • Outbreak ft. DV8 Rocks! – Get The Mean (Rough Edit)
  • Chain Reaction – The Record Breaking (Mashup)
  • Outbreak – Hard Bass Tool

Team Red

Radical Redemption, Titan and Warface were starting with an edit of ‘Confession of A Serial Killer’ going over to the official Intents Festival 2015 Anthem by Radical Redemption and ending with some rough edits!

Freakz At Night

We all knew it but now it’s official. The Freakz At Night are E-Force, Deetox and MC DL! Besides different upcoming releases by the Freakz we heard the Qapital anthem 2015 by E-Force and some great Hard Bass 2015 exclusive edits. Rumors about this trio went through all social media platforms and at last we are really satisfied with the outcome.

More honorable mentions:

  • Titan & Warface – The Sentinel (Hard Bass Tool)
  • Warface – Catalyst
  • E-Force – Freakz At Night (Hard Bass 2015 Live Edit)


Okay, Hard Bass is not known for having a outstanding stage design. The ultimate theme of the night was: triangles! Six big and small ones above the crowd, moving up and down, packed with LEDs, CO² canones and lights.

Two big LED screens on the front and again a few triangles in the middle. Nothing spectacular at first. But b2s created a very intense light show, timing it perfectly to the music. Check out following pictures to get an overview.

Hard Bass 2015 Design
Hard Bass 2015 was definitely a blast and we highly recommend everybody to visit next year’s edition! The line up was overwhelming, diverse and all DJs performed on a very high level, bringing you the best music from the hardstyle scene. The show was simple but effective.

Let us know what you think about Hard Bass by rating this event or leaving a comment below! Check out more pictures here!

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