Hard & Style – Festival Fashion at Intents 2017

A Boho-inspired look with a space bun hair style to top it off.We met this happy camper and her cool all black-and-white outfit at the IntentsCity camping grounds!A classic raver outfit never goes out of style! Boho meets Hardstyle!Simple, comfy, stylish!Party mood in a denim skirt!Fandom meets fashion with this militant!Jewellery can add so much to a look! Suit up!We're absolutely digging this Co-ord outfit!Crochet details are all the rage this season! These good-looking friends are rocking the look!Gaan met die Banaan! Patterns, patterns, patterns!Night time look! We're absolutely diggin' the bucket hat and Adidas combo!This Pikachu wore his onesie at 32°C in the sun. And how cool is the hair of his friend?Details are everything here! These stylish friends were on their way to the mainstage! We love the bandana!Simple can be so stylish!We ran into DJ Marloose! She's rockin' classic festival look with hot pants and a bikini top!Bold colors!Fun in front of the Freestyle stage! The boots and the bandana make the outfit complete!Mesh tops are an absolute "Hell yeah!" this season and can tone down a revealing look while adding style points!Dungarees & face glitter!Flow, flow, flow! How cool is the pant on the right?Urban meets Hard Dance on this stylish fella. We're digging the pants!

With temperatures up to 36°C and nothing but sun, Intents Festival gave us a real taste of what’s coming up this festival summer. From Neon to Boho, Intents’ fashionable crowd was as diverse as the music. We captured a best-of festival outfits for you! Get inspired – Let’s start the season in style!

Photos by Sara Ghafouri

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