Insane - 3 Years Anniversary
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The 7th edition of “Insane – Strictly Hard” took place at Atrium Kiel at the 27th of March 2016. The line-up was huge because it was the 3 years anniversary party. At the main hall was the Hardstyle/ Rawstyle area with Max Enforcer, Coone, Brennan Heart, Crypsis, Radical Redemption and Noize Suppressor as a Hardcore closing act. At the Hardcore floor “Anime’s Exterminate World Tour” took place with support from Art of Fighters, Mad Dog and Andy the Core. The next area was hosted by BKJN- Events with the Headliners Partyraiser and Dr. Peacock. Other DJs in this area were Wars Industry, Lunatic and many more. The host of this area was MC NO-ID. The last big area was the “Footworxx- Area”. Also this area offered big names with Sandy Warez, Hellter Skellter and Spitnoize.


The Doors had opened at 8pm but the “official” opening with the first international act was at midnight. The complete building was packed to the max at this time. The main hall was opened by Max Enforcer. He played some of his classics like “Gold” or “You and I”, but also newer tracks. Art of Fighters opened the Hardcore floor but there were some technical problems. Thankfully the problems were fixed in a few minutes. We could listen to Tracks like “Fuck You” or “Goodbye (See you next time)”. After this set I went to the BKJN- Area. Now it was time for the “Uptempo King” vs “Mr. Fenchcore”… Partyraiser vs. Dr. Peacock! This set was truly a blast. It was so hard that one of the boxes started to smoke and broke down. Dr. Peacock took us to a “Trip to Ireland” and Partyraiser showed us that “Sound Becomes One”.


At 2 am it was time for Brennan Heart at the main hall. He started his set with classic Tracks like “Just as Easy” and played the most famous Hardstyle song: “Lose Your Mind”. The last 20 minutes of his set became rougher. The crowd went wild during “MF Sandstorm” by Sub Sonik or “Rumble in the Jungle” by Zatox. Contemporaneous to Brennan Heart, Anime showcased her album “Exterminate” at the Hardcore area. It is a great album in my opinion. After Brennan Heart it was time for THE MAIN MF, the creator of this year’s QAPITAL anthem, Crypsis! Of cause the people heard the Qapital anthem, but with his all-time classic track “Strike” the crowd went crazy. We also heard the newest track from Act of Rage ft. MC Nolz “Raging Reckless”. During his set, Radical Redemption took the microphone and played MC for Crypsis – actually he did great! After his Job as a MC it was time for The One Man Army to spin the records. He played many Tracks from his album like “Brutal 5.0”, his newest collab with Digital Punk “Protest of Indignation” and he closed his set with “Bring us Some”…. Hardcore, now it was time for Noize Suppressor to get the last energy from the crowd. We heard his new collab with Drokz “Fingers in the Air” and he “Bring the Pain”. At the Hardcore area Andy the Core was “The Last One” and showed the sound of Brutale.


At least I can say it was a good party and the price with 28€ for a ticket was really fair, regarding the line up. But we had that all-time and well known problem again: it was too crowded, moving was sometimes nearly impossible, switching areas, getting a drink or going to the toilet took you way too long – but the organizer wants to change something. I seriously have the feeling they sometimes just want to much, more headliners, more areas, more international DJs, but forget about the basics, but that’s just my opinion. Generally I agree with the most feedbacks by people. The next insane is on the 2nd October 2016 and is the first with the minimum age of 18. During the “Kieler Woche” there is an event in the “Halle 400” organised by the Insane-Team with the Headliners Brennan Heart and Dr. Peacock.

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