Megabase – The Outdoor Festival 2017 took place last sunday and offered a different line up for a small ticket price. The ones who are familiar with High Energy Events and the concept should have recognize, Megabase took place right after Hardshock, same location, same main stage, but with the Megabase banner. Since 2011 the Megabase concept exists and already went through some major changes – most importantly location-wise.

With a great edition in 2016 we will now take a look at this years edition of Megabase!


Besides this review there will be an exciting VLog about the festival. It was actually my first time doing something like this, but it was lots of fun! We caught some cool moments on camera, and caught up with Outbreak and Jason Payne.

Arrived at Almere Strand, the first kicks were shattering across the beach, over the dike towards the parking place. The party already started at 11.00, which is pretty early. We arrived around 12.30, during the set of Blackburn and Aeros.

When entering the festival side, some die hards in the front of the stage were dancing with their beers. The stage looked pretty cool. Somehow like a giant bug. It was again and sadly windy as fuck! Not the best weather, but this won’t stop us! Same smaller raindrops Time for the first set we witnessed, Dailucia and Tartaros.


With Bustin Jieber, One by One, Fuck on Cocaine in the Radical Redemption remix and Partystarter both artists did a really cool opening set. They actually deserved more people attending their set. It was a good mix and interesting combination.

With the time more and more people were entering the festival side. Malua and The Pitcher on stage gave the new people a warm welcome. The first time there was at least something like a crowd and even made us dive into it, was around 15.00 with Endymion and Degos & Re-Done! The Nightbreed crew behind the decks delivered an insane performance and a really, really good set. Besides tracks like Big Dick, Gangster Shit and MYST’s Before You Go, they pretty much went through a great collection of Nightbreed releases.

The next battle really surprised, as we didn’t experience any of both artist even once. Make some noise for Zentiments and Reloaded. By revealing his identity at Rebirth Festival, some solid previous since his first appearance, Reloaded was interesting to witness. We didn’t recognize their own tracks, however some Sub Sonik tracks passed by, Mash Up 6.0 and the original version of Hyperdrive’s The Punishment. After them some good friends claimed the spot behind the decks: Kronos & Outbreak.


These two buddies delivered a grand set! The crowd seemed to enjoy it and the place was finally filled. The real party mood took over the people, who resisted against heavy wind and some raindrops. Kronos pleased people with tracks from his upcoming mini album – one of them, Black Mamba is an absolute psy-trance-hardstyle banger, while Outbreak dropped Sub Sonik’s remix of #Bassface and Brutal 5.0! Ending their set with HARDCORE! These two went absolutely insane and we didn’t expect such a hard ending – but let me tell you, that’s what makes Megabase special!

Starting with E-Force’s FTP remix, Jason Payne and Unresolved were next in line. Time to go fully crazy, as this track’s drive is just amazing. This is how you make people dance. The set was a great mix of known raw tunes, with that little Jason Payne and Unresolved twist. The set was mixed very fast and had a great drive. After their set we caught up with Outbreak and Jason Payne, who have some cool news to share. Watch it later in our Vlog!


Time for Theracords, time for The Opposition, consisting of Thera, Caine & Retaliation. I think it was a great set, we heard Thera’s new track, Caine’s Abomination at Hardcore speed, Retaliation’s edit of Destruction and many more Theracords releases.  However, we think 1,5h was slightly too long. They couldn’t keep up the great tempo and vibe, they created in the very first 45 minutes. But overall, we highly suggest to check out a set by The Opposition, definitely worth it!

The last two and a half hours were about to start. The sun set behind the Megabase stage, huge fire balls catching the eyes of the visitors – the next artist announcement: Ncrypta vs. Rooler. I bet this set was the one, most people were looking forward. Ohh, guys, time for some Gearbox madness? I know, many of you probably didn’t agree with my words about Rebelion’s Qapital set.


This time, I actually want to thank Ncrypta and Rooler! Massive show, massive set. These two did actually really good. The BPM increased and heavy kicks were shattering through the place. Formula 2.0, Number 23, Aggressive Acts, Psychopathic or Exorcism 2.0 have been played and the people loved it! I think these two guys have some good music in store, although they still have to improve. I seriously suggest stepping away from just kicks being played. We are no longer in 2016 – hardstyle is more! Especially Rooler has some quite good skills when it comes to producing and I’d call him the new Delete – diverse, different and unique.

The last one and a half hour was blocked for three massive players: Titan, Regain and Requiem! I would seriously call this the set of the day! It absolutely insane. Regain played a lot of new tracks, Titan dropped Brotherhood and some older raw hardstyle tunes, Requiem showed the crowd some great common raw tracks. The track list was amazing and I think this set didn’t leave any wish unfulfilled. Especially Regain went totally crazy and we can surely say: his upcoming music will kick some ass! The perfect ending for Megabase.


All in all we can just highly recommend to visit Megabase! You get so much for just a ticket price of 15 EUR! I spotted a party in a club with a line up not even close to Megabase ones, but for 25 EUR doorsale! We think the value of the ticket price stands out in the entire scene.

Megabase was never about a kick ass show or spectacular stage design. Megabase offers a great combination of all, although I need to say: this year’s edition couldn’t keep up with the last one – at least show and stage wise. However, the sound was again very good and the sets more than satisfying. The line up was different and made up some room for different artists in interesting battles. See you next year Megabase!

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