Prime Minister Mark Rutte announces further ease of the current COVID19 measures. With July public sports events like Tennis or Football can be opened to the people again, as long as certain distancing rules are adhered to.

On Wednesday the Dutch government announced a nationwide ease of COVID19 lockdown rules. This will theoretically allow public meetings in bars and restaurants again. Even sport and festival events are thinkable. As long as certain measures are adhered to.

Measures – To ease the limitations

For events and public hostings this comes with first specific rules, like the requirements that reservations are made online, all guests can be seated, health checks are made in advance and – most important – enough space to keep a distance of 1.5 meters. Once those social distancing measures are kept the limitations for a maximum number of guests are totally removed.

Locations without health checks in advance and reservations in advance the number of guests are limited to 100 for indoor locations and 250 for outdoor locations.

EASE OF COVID19 MEASURES: Keep the Distance 1.5 meters

This ease might be the result of the recent decline of new infections in the Netherlands steadily over the last weeks.


Actually this new ease seems to be promising, but the rules are strict and with this the measures. But its a good step into the right direction. We keep you posted

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