Noisecontrollers aka Bas Oskam is working on a new album with the title “All Night Long”! We pulled him over and asked him what’s all about his new album. What can we expect? Hardstyle or mainstream? Read the full interview below and let us know what you think about “All Night Long” in the comments.

Even if the previews are very promising. Let’s see what Noisecontrollers has to say:


New design, new website, new album. Since when did you work on this make-over? And what inspired you to this big decision?
In 2014 after releasing my previous album “All Around” I started working on new music with a more experimental sound as I’m convinced the euphoric hardstyle needs a fresh wind. I also started working with Dion Meuleman. My right hand who takes care of everything around Noisecontrollers as releases, marketing and expressing what Noisecontrollers is about besides the productions and performance. Together we decided to make the new website. To me it isn’t a makeover or a new design. It was already there but now it’s more visible for the fans.

What’s the meaning behind the title “All Night Long”?
All Night Long is the title track of the album and also the first track I produced on it. As most of my music is produced at night the title was very clear 🙂

“All Around” in 2014, “All Night Long” in 2015, is there a pattern behind your albums?
Haha, no I don’t thinks so, since the first album e=nc2 was released in 2012. But who knows, maybe next year there will be another. Only time can tell.

What it’s behind the subtitle “Collected Studio Material 2013 – 2015”? Will you remake older projects or just use unused material to create new tracks?
Both actually. But besides that, there is also new music produced in 2015 included. That subtitle describes the album perfectly. A lot of my projects are just for improving my music. Many of them never make it to releases. A shame! I decided to pick such project and keep working on/finishing them. I also made mash-ups of older tracks and decided to release them. Such material is exactly what Noisecontrollers is about, so why not throw it out into the public!?

We already heard a few awesome previews. But in your words, what can we expect from this album?
It’s a very diverse album. It has mainstream tracks on it, but within hardstyle, and also a lot of different styles. But even outside the hardstyle genre you can find D’n’b, dubstep, house and even a soundtrack on it. All those genres are interesting to me as a producer and help to improve my hardstyle and make it special.

“Infinity” starts with a more different intro. Will there be other crossover tracks, mixing different genres besides “Dubstyle”?
Oh yes! You’ll find a lot of crazy tracks on it with influences from all kind of genres.

Did you think about publishing different music under a new alias. Maybe NCTRS, something similar you did with Pavelow?
Haha, NCTRS definitely not! potato patato! I actually thought to differ Noisecontrollers in color before. To make NC-orange for hardstyle, and NC-purple for different styles.
But why?! The music won’t sound different anyway. And in the end it’s all Bas Oskam who makes it. I prefer, that the fans expect something different every now and than.

And in this sense, don’t you think that some of your fans might get upset if you release too many crossover tracks, because they expect hardstyle only?
That is something different. I don’t want to set the wrong expectations or disappoint anybody by throwing other genres than hardstyle at them. But before Noisecontrollers I’ve produced wide already and the true fans already know they can expect all kind of music from me.

And the good thing. I won’t stop making hardstyle. I enjoy it far too much and that is where my heart is now.

Back to your website. On people can sign up and get exclusive content. Can you name a few reasons why every fan should get “All Access”?
As the fans make my life and career possible over the last years, it’s literally them who come first. With the all access they can preview music before it’s released or previewed elsewhere. And there is a lot of exclusive content on the website for them too.

Last but not least, anything else you want to tell our readers?
Like always thanks so much for your support. Hardstyle is amazing and I’m grateful to share this passion with you!

Keep updated on the official Noisecontrollers website.

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