…once also had several side projects?
Without any doubt Noisecontrollers is one of the most famous name amongst all the hardstyle artists out there. But he/they also released music under different aliases. Let us remember!

Carsten Giese

Some weeks ago we remembered former second member Arjan Terpstra’s sideproject Killer Clown. This time we have a look at Bas Oskam’s and other Noisecontrollers side projects:


Do you remember the hype around Dubstep from about ten years ago? Even Noisecontrollers bought their ticket for that hypetrain. Pavelow is by far the most most experimental one within all of Noisecontrollers’ aliases. And maybe the least loved one. This project was discontinued after just three releases. Honourable mention: Bas Oskam was booked as Pavelow for Qlimax 2010 and played an early hardstyle opening set!

Did you know that Noisecontrollers: …had a dubstep project?


Editor’s note: This one completely blew me away when I first heard it at the end of 2006. I remember thinking: “Damn, whoever this guy is – he will have a really big career if he can keep up his level.”
This is one of Bas’ earlier releases. Back then (2006!) it was way ahead of its time and already delivered the Noisecontrollers signature sound we all know from 2006-2009. Some people complained about the kicks being too “hardcoreish”though.

Did you know that Noisecontrollers: …released this banger?


This used to be Bas’ hardcore project. At some time it became a two people project: Bas Oskam was the producer, Bas Verheul performed as a DJ. Around 2010 Bas Oskam stopped and the project was transferred to and continued by Neophyte Records.

Did you know that Noisecontrollers: …member Bas Oskam produced the original version?


This was perhaps the most famous sideproject. After Showtek’s “FTS” we remember this to be one of the first real hypes within the hardstyle scene in the mid-2000s. “Just like you” still is one of the best known hardstyle hits from that era. If we remember correctly this one even entered the dutch top 100 single charts which was a really big achievement at that time.

Did you know that Noisecontrollers: …created one of the first real hypes within the hardstyle scene?

Williams Syndrome

We end this one with a lesser known sideproject which appeared at the end of 2008. The tracks released under the name “Williams Syndrome” also delivered the Noisecontrollers signature sound: Beautiful buildups, great melodies and solid kicks. This project stopped after just two releases in 2009.

Did you know that Noisecontrollers: …released this banger?


It is surprising how Bas and partly Arjan managed to release so much stuff as Noisecontrollers AND running their side projects. Hats off! On the one hand it would be nice if there was any kind of resurrection to at least one of those projects. DO IT BAS!!!

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