The industrial Hard-Dance event Fero City is coming to the Turbinhalle Oberhausen. With 4 areas from EDM to Hardcore the event is coming to serve all kinds of electronic hard dance beats. Let’s have a look


If there is one venue known for hard dance events, then it’s the Turbinhalle in Oberhausen. Birthplace of the beloved Pumpqin, Faceless, the annual ‘Army of Hardcore’ or even Ran-D’s ‘We Rule The Night’ – the Turbinhalle looks back to an impressive hard dance history.

Whilst most of the events focused on one or max. two styles – Fero City is emphasizing the vast variety of hard dance electronic music. On April 9th. 2023 the organizers are inviting for their very first edition at the Turbinhalle Oberhausen with a huge Lineup and many many extras.


The concept includes EDM, Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Hardcore and Techno. But to avoid a cultural clash, each style gets its own area.

Preview: Fero City Oberhausen – Full Lineup

The Court represents Hardstyle and Rawstyle. The Lineup comprises Da Tweekaz, Keltek “The Compass”, MANDY, Sound Rush, Fraw vs. Ncrypta, Krowdexx, Mutilator, So Juice, The Straikerz, Dropixx, Mindblast – hosted by MC DL.

The hard fanatics meet at the Chamber of Torture for Hardcore with MC Tha Watcher. Korsakoff, N-Vitral, Lil Texas, Marc Acardipane, Re-Style, Art Of Fighters, Tensor & Re-Direction, Masters of Noise, Rough Republic

Techno lovers will be sent to the Jail area to meet NUSHA, Felix Kröcher, Denise Schneider, Klanglos, Ramon Tapia.

Last but not least, the EDM Area Padded invites you with music from Bassjackers, YVES V, Salvatore Mancuso, Kid Vincent, Zven, Lez, Sternbush

CONCLUSION – Preview: Fero City Oberhausen

Seriously the Turbinhalle Oberhausen with its industrial charme is unique and maybe perfect for this fine and specialized lineup. With the 3 higher balconies and free beer the whole night over – is more than appealing to celebrate Easter with electronic beats. Wether harder or more melodic – here you can choose. In conclusion we strongly recommend to go there .- Tickets are available here

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