F or those who don’t know them yet, Pete & Adrian aka Decipher & Shinra are among Australia’s biggest artists in the Hardcore scene. They have already experienced many big events and worldwide festivals such as Defqon.1, Masters of Hardcore and Dominator. We cannot talk about them as rising talents since they have already proved at many occasions that they can master the Art of the Core as they were responsible for two Defqon.1 Black anthems and also for the Master of Hardcore Down Under Anthem in 2013.

If you are lucky enough to attend one of their shows, please keep in mind that once on stage, they have no boundaries, and they  will kick you with one of the most devastating kickdrum known in this world. We had the honor to interview Pete, who recently moved from Australia to Germany to work at the notorious label of Masters of Hardcore.

Hello Pete! First of all thank you for giving us a bit of your time, how do you feel today?
Yeah great man thanks for the interview !

So, you moved to Germany, and now work for Masters of Hardcore. Was that at any point difficuflt for you to move to rainy & cold Europe when you have spent so many years in Australia?
Yeah it was a big decision I had to make in my life.. but moving to the the other side of the world, is worth traveling for ! Definitely ! I’m loving doing music so.. it’s the way it’s gotta be ! No other option hehe

Decipher & Shinra Ft. MC Tha Watcher - Down Under

How do you like Germany so far ? Have you tried all the meals and the beer you can find there?
Germany is great man . I really enjoy it here and food is « Lekker ». Havent had much time to try the beers but give it time.

You form with Adrian the Decipher & Shinra duo. How did you first meet Adrian?
Mutual friend.. We were both dj at the time.. we made stuff. And it started all from that !

How did you get started with Hardcore?
I started when I discovered the Thunderdome CD at 13 years olrd.. I was like.WOW ! You know ? Then years later I started to go to festivals then bought turntables and a computer, studio and then it took my life !

Which artist(s) inspired you the most ? What is your favorite artist?
Uhmm.. well.. tough question as there have been so many throughout teh years. Angerfist  would have been one of the biggest for sure. I’ve always loved his sound design.  But saying that, The Playah/Neophyte/Catscan/Dyprax and pretty much all the current producers.

Did you learn producing and mixing on your own?
I was shown how to dj from a friend of mine and mostly self taught.

What makes your Hardcore « style »  different from the others, what special ingredient do you bring to your tracks?
To me, I think hardcore is all about the kickdrum and we try to focus on that.. Always a lot of melody and a lot of vibes.. Pretty much big melodies and big kick..

Adrian decided to stay in Australia, but you are on the line-up for Supersized Kingsday. Is it the first time you play without Adrian at an event?
I just played last week in Tilburg NL and yeah, it was different but also cool as well!


Are you still nervous?
Yeah I always get a bit nervvous but I think that’s always a good thing !

About Previews:

Decipher & Shinra – Vitamins : « Vitamins » is an aggressive track that we’ve made.. Straight in your face kickdrum.. Really aggressive « what’up » ? More aggressive uptempo.

Decipher & Shinra & Dyprax – Mortal Kombat  : That will come out soon, but you can expect something with cool vocal and cool breaks.. something fresh and different.

What is your favorite track from all of those you’ve produced so far?
Uhm.. That that I’ve made… Fire & Blood (kickdrum and music has come to another step forward)/Casualties of War/Australia Down Under (breakthrough through the whole thing, it was our first hit, and I love the overall atmosphere..)

In a few words, describe why you stick with Hardcore. What gives you everyday this passion and why did you choose to dedicate your life to it?
I love kickdrums and huge leeds and dark vocals. I love the energy and the power. Hardcore to me is more than music it’s a way of life !


On the stage, what is your secret ingredient that drives the crowd to absolute madness?
It’s the energy, and it’s just the energy, and it just goes crazy ! Warzone!

The places where we can see you play in the future – which festivals will you play at from now on?
Well, Horizon Hardcore UK in Liverpool a week before Dominator. But yeah I can’t say much…Also in a few weeks I get to play Kingsdat in Eindhoven and I cannot WAIT!

Anything you would like to add Pete?
Our Brand new EP Vitamins comes out on 11th April ! Check it out !

Decipher & Shinra - Vitamins

Thank you again for your time,we hope to see you around with other amazing tunes and we wish you the best in your Hardcore career !
Thanks man, it’s always a pleasure !Cheers !

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