He did start spinning Hardcore at the age of 18, back then he quickly gained popularity in his hometown Rotterdam. Recently he did release some big bangers at Neophyte Records like Fastlane and Wrath. After spinning at big events around the world, it was time for this talented DJ to play the closing set at the biggest outdoor festival of them all, Dominator! We are talking about the creator of the Dominator 2016 anthem Methods of Mutilation. Let’s have a chat with Furyan!

Hi Furyan, first let me ask, how did it feel to play the closing set at Dominator while being lifted into the sky? Are you already recovered, cause we are still buzzing?!
The feeling is indescribable. I’ve said it many times, and I’ll say it again, there is no bigger honor to play the last hour on the Dominator mainstage. You really feel the intensity of all those hardcore heads in front of you. The sets I played in the past, 1 or 1.5 hours, it felt its over in like 10 minutes, but on the Dominator mainstage, that intensity, it felt like forever. I really enjoyed every second to the fullest!

Dominator Festival 2016 - Methods of Mutilation, Closing Show by Furyan

How did you prepare for this set? Did you do anything different compared to other sets?
As you may hear, there were allot of shortened tracks and edits, I wanted to play as many tracks and as diverse as possible. 

When did you get the question if you did want to create the anthem of this year’s Dominator? Who was the one who told you?
I think it was somewhere at the end of last year. The boss made me an offer I couldn’t refuse ;).

At this moment, did you also hear that you were the closing act as well? What were your feelings after that?
A feeling of excitement, motivation, and pride.

About the anthem, how does it work? Do you receive some sound and vocal samples are there restrictions or are you completely free to do produce whatever you want, of course with the Dominator feeling?
They send me the vocals from the trailer and the rest was totally up to me. The only restriction they gave me was to not make it sound like mellow ;).

The vocals on this anthem are by MC Alee, why did you select him? How did you guys meet?
I’ve always been a big fan of Alee, even before we met. I met Alee via DJ Panic, I think it was around 2003. Alee always delivers, that why I knew he was the right person for the job.


You did start with DJing at the age of 18, did you directly fell in love with the Hardcore sound
Well, I’m been in love with hardcore since the first Thunderdome CDs. But when I started DJ’ing it was more techno (BXR, Nukleuz) and clubhouse.

Who were your heroes back then?
Too much to mention hahaha.

When did you decide that you want to produce your own tracks?
It came naturally when music is such a big part of your life. You start experimenting and before you know it, you got an own track.

Talking about your producing process, how does it look like? Where do you start for example?
Sometimes I start with a kick drum, sometimes with a vocal or a melody.

Since you did sign at Neophyte Records you did achieve a lot, you made many tracks which are released on this record label. Which track are you most proud of?
“Rugged”, I’m most proud of that track. The biggest parts of that track were done in 1 day (break/melody/arrangement). And of course the For What?! bootleg always goes off on the dancefloor.

After creating the Dominator anthem and closing the mainstage at Dominator 2016, what is your next goal to achieve?
My next goal? A diverse album. I won’t set a date yet, but somewhere in 2017 should be realistic. Maybe a showcase on Dominator 2017? Who knows.


Your discography consists of tracks in a wide range of BPM. Around which BPM do you like to produce the most?
Depends on my mood. Lately I’m more into the faster tracks, with and without melody.

Sub-genres in Hardcore merch more often, we can even spot collabs between Hardcore DJ’s and Hardstyle or Rawhardstyle DJ’s. Think about Noize Suppressor ft. Hard Driver – Meet my AK or Destructive Tendencies ft. Warface – Release the Kraken. What do you think about that? Is it good for the Hardcore scene, is it losing its DNA, or is it good to explore the universe of music?
It’s very good to do those collabs, this way more people start listening to hardcore (and the other way around) and it keeps the sound fresh and diverse. People saying this isn’t any good are just narrow-minded.

What is the craziest thing a fan ever did for you?
I don’t have crazy fans, they are all really normal ;).

Lately, there are so many events in Holland. Some DJ’s think that the Dutch crowd is a bit spoiled, wich is a downside of all these events in this small country. What are your thoughts about this? Do you have a solution for this ‘problem’?
That’s true, the crowd is a little spoiled. But this isn’t a “problem” i.m.o, surely they could appreciate the choice they have a little bit more, but it is what it is :).

After playing at Dominator, where would you like to play sometime?
My bucket list still has some big events on it, one of them is Qlimax, you have to earn that one, so I’ll work hard every day, and maybe one day I’ll get that call…
Further, I’d like to play all over the world, to see how hardcore lives in different countries.

Alongside Hardcore, do you like to listen to other music as well?
Of course. Except for native dutch “pub” music.

Producing or DJing?

What is your favourite Hardcore track?
Tha Playah – Walking the line, that whole album is the best hardcore album ever, think I had it in my car on repeat for 2 years (!).


At which events can we witness some Furyan madness in 2016?
Airforce, Qontinent, Syndicate, Ground Zero, Nature One to name a few.

Final Question: Do you have anything left you would like to share? Something exclusive maybe for your fans?
That album will come in 2017, no date set yet. My next release “Killswitch” in collaboration with Nosferatu will be released in September. Also, I finished a new collab with Korsakoff and a collab with Icha. Currently, I’m working with Neophyte in the studio on several projects. 
And I’m part of the special act “Guerrillas” which will premier on b2s’s Unlocked!
Hope to see you soon!

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