Qlimax 2015 - Equilibrium Review
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WE waited another year and it was finally time for Qlimax 2015. Let’s relive the event step by step. Don’t forget to join the conversation and leave a comment below!

I entered the modified GelreDome. One by one the eight squares, which hung around in the air, revealed to me. I thought: “This looks very familiar to me”. And yes, it was actually the same setup as last year. Instead of the DNA strand they used squares. And if you don’t believe me, check out the comparison picture below.

Anyway, this year you could also see the whole stage right from the beginning. It was obvious that they will use some kind of LED screen at first glance, and although it looked like a two dimensional stage, there was a bit more “behind it”.

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Qlimax 2014 vs. Qlimax 2015

In the middle of the stage there were three 3D cubes with the Qlimax logo in the middle. A beamer was used to project different colors and pictures on it. Left and right there were also three “zigzag” pillars going all way from the bottom to the top. They could turn around and so gave us a feeling of dimension.

Behind all this you had the biggest LED screen I ever saw. And it was not only some LED screen, the resolution of it was above average.

Throughout the night the journey went from cinematic landscapes, over stars and galaxies, and of course a shit load of colors and random patterns. Everything was mounted with light spots, fireworks and so many lasers, I couldn’t count them!

Qlimax 2015 HardstyleMag

Equilibrium is “the condition of a system in which all competing influences are balanced.” Well, looks like a pretty good topic for Qlimax? Maybe, but on stage we didn’t saw a real show, which was guided by the theme. Okay the intros had some kind of connection to this year’s topic, but it was mostly so confusion that I didn’t get it. Maybe I am too uncultured to get it, but most of the intros seemed like random catch phrases.

“Tonight we all guide you on a journey both inner and outer conscious and subconscious. A voyage into the realm of energy […] move behind the shadows.”

DJ Isaac

Kicking it off with some hardstyle from the golden years, DJ Isaac had the honor to welcome over 27.000 party people. To name just a few of the classics like “Brennan Heart – One Master Blade” and “Bitches”, still the best track of the first half was “Phases by 2 Best Enemies”. DJ Isaac hit it at the right time and nobody could resist to sing along the iconic melody we learned to love.

Later on, the crowd could also enjoy “Julian DJ & Davide Sonar – Y.R.M.L.”, a Jumpstyle track from 2006. A journey back in time, which was very consistent until DJ Isaac played “Crisis Era – Make It Pop”. It seemed like he was to scared to play oldschool tracks only, and so he scattered a handful of harddrop tracks throughout his set. Those “newer” tracks pulled me out of the zone, since I was enjoying the set so far.

After closing his set with “Digital Nation” by “Technoboy, Tuneboy & Isaac” a bittersweet aftertaste was left. A solid set, that could have been more old school. But I guess it’s 2015 and someday we have to say goodbye to the classics. Anyway I’m positively surprised because he wasn’t the only one, dropping some classics tunes during the night.

Bass Modulators

Next up were Bass Modulators, who had an incredible year with dozens of nice tracks. They are doing a really good job at the moment, so I was not surprised when the Line Up of Qlimax was announced. They did open their set and Qlimax with their new track ‘Shadows’. The whole light show was just stunning during this track. Q-Dance also revealed the fucking huge LED screen with its highly detailed animations – just wow!

I think Bass Modulators did a great job on stage. They mixed up their own tracks with some classics. They did play an edit of Oxygen and their Freaqshow anthem, but also Sound of the Thunder, which was played by Isaac before. Seriously? Don’t you speak with each other? It’s Qlimax, I don’t want to hear the same track within 2 hours.

The most surprising track was their remix of Adale’s Hello. This track will give you Goosebumps all over. What a great moment during Qlimax 2015, which stuck in my until now.


He is a phenomenon. At least his skyrocketing career. After several anthems this year, he made it to the top. Last year  he played the best set of Qlimax 2014, and now, the anthem creator did it again. A set full of edits, more edits and his best productions.

He showed his skills off, with a mashup of “Starting Over, Accelerate, This Is The Time & Just As Easy”. You just have listen to it. The mashup was brilliant and all tracks merged together to a big ball of euphoric power! While listening I also remember how many great tracks his young fella produced. Even if his set was a showcase it was a feast for euphoric lovers. And if you were still not getting shivers by now the Decibel 2015 Anthem (Qlimax 2015 Edit) surely got you! It was such a smooth set, feeling like you’re drowning through space. He ended up his set with some harder tunes like Brain Confusion by Act of Rage and his track Madness with Sub Zero Project.

“A journey into sound” – It was time for the anthem. Atmozfears left the stage with a big bang, since his anthem was appreciated by the crowd. It’s a great anthem, wonderfully catching the spirit of Qlimax, mixing it with the euphoric touch by Atmozfears.


Noisecontrollers & Wildstylez

What a lovely coimbination. After Noisecontrollers immense success at Qlimax 2014 he returned with the one and only Wildstylez. Seriously, I was skeptical because I had the fear they would stick to the Lose Control releases and these hard drop tracks. But they did showed the Gelredome what hardstyle is all about. A journey through their best tracks, with great tunes like Wildstylez Back to the Basics or Noisecontrollers Crump.

I liked the fact, that they both enjoyed their set so much, this made the set worth to listen to. They did play their old tracks but also newer ones like Higher or Cats, Jets & Breaks. A great combination of their both styles. They are the big players and they will ever be.

Brennan Heart & Ran-D

The next DJ’s were Brennan Heart and Ran-D. When I first saw the Line Up, I just thought, how can they match together? Well, Brennan Heart just hopped on stage first, for half an hour and did play alone. He started with with an edit of his Qlimax 2010 anthem, followed by his new track with Zatox. I was very hyped for Brennan Heart because he always does an amazing job and I love his latest releases, but I was sadly slightly disappointed by his set. Maybe it’s because his I Am Hardstyle set is hard to overtrump. But anyway, he did manage to create a dense atmosphere by playing his live edit of Imaginary, with a special dedication to the victims in france. Huge respect – 27.000 lighted up the whole dome! I also have to mention Gateway To Eternity and of course ‘Still Here’ – amazing!

After 30 minutes Ran-D just joined him and they went a little rougher. But it felt like their tracks do not fit each other that well, so by playing one after one track, there was always a huge style break, which kind of felt so weird. O Fortuna by Sub Sonik – a worth ending, great tune!  The last half an hour Ran-D played alone, starting with Firestarter and the whole Gelredom turned Red and yellow, with massive flames on the screen which was just crazy!

Zatox & Adaro

So the way was set, rawstyle is about to take over and Qlimax was ready for Adaro & Zatox. Great set! I was positively surprised by it. Their both styles somehow fit and in the moment Regains ‘For The Street’ remix was blasting through the speakers, there was no holding back. The went rougher and rougher. Adaro dropped some Gunz for Hire tracks as well, such as This Is L.A.. Zatox played his latest tune Rumble In The Jungle or New World Order. And if that wasn’t enough they got support by Dave Raven with his unique voice!

Suddenly a reverse bass, a melody we all know. The whole Gelredome went crazy. The break, the vocals of Forever Young, I just got Goosebumps all over. I did not know what to expect, but the whole Gelredome was singing along. Another break and the fucking melody of Headhunterzs Rock Civilization was playing. Holy damn shit!! Seriously one of my favorite moments during Qlimax 2015!


The next act I was looking forward the most. Two crazy dudes were about to tear down the Gelredome. They did not disappoint. Frequencerz had their debut at Qlimax 2015 and they did fullfil all my expectations. Starting with Wolfpack the whole Gelredome went crazy. It was a rollercoaster ride through their tracks, heavy kicks and bright screeches.

There is nothing to add about their set. I also did recognize a new track. They also drop the Uber Mash Up with Warface and, pretty unexpected, Psycho and Men of Steel. Besides that, their Hardbass edit of Fatality was played – couldn’t you make a Qlimax edit? Ohh and their track with Titan, Getting Off and the hardcore edit of Bitch made the set complete.


The rawstyle queen was about to take over. She had an amazing year by playing at Hardbass, Q-Base Hangar and the Qapital mainstage. It was a matter of time until she conquers the Qlimax stage. Deetox brought us a 30 minutes set and showed the Gelredome some serious rawstyle. The kicks were shattering through the speakers, as she started with her new track with Break Zero Rock It, follwoed by Just a Memory by Prefix and Density, which is such an amazing track, I love the vocals! She also dropped the new Bass Chaserz track, her new collab with Delete, a Qlimax edit of Bring The Riot, her edit of The Prophecy, an edit of Rawness and her hardcore edit of Trigger. So, do I need to count more tracks? It was a crazy set and really, really nice.

The Playah

Let’s end Qlimax with some serious hardcore by Tha Playah. I’m not that much into hardcore, but Tha Playah is one of those acts I can really enjoy. He’s a nice producer and a good Dj, supported by MC Jeff and his incomparable voice he did rock the Qlimax 2015! Tracks like ‘Just Like Me’ with Angerfist or his ‘Walking The Line’ made you release your last bit of energy. He did end his set with Temple Of Disease, his remix of Flip Uhm op Z’n Kantje, his Dominator anthem with Nosferatu, On The Edge, which is a truly masterpiece and a hardcore edit of Men Of Steel.

MC Villain

Last but not least, what’s about MC Villain. Looks like he is one of the most loved and hated MCs at the same time. With this year’s Qlimax he did not only followed the footsteps of the one and only MC Ruffian, but showed that he is capable of hosting such an event.

In the end, for me it doesn’t matter if it’s Ruffian or Villain. Of course it’s something new, but both perform on a very high level and have their pros and cons.

Only a Qlimax, can beat a Qlimax

Let’s break it down to a conclusion. Qlimax 2015 was absolutely awesome. The problem with Qlimax is, that you can only compare it with another Qlimax.

So, since last year’s edition set the stack very high, this year’s stage design looked a bit uncreative. But it wasn’t! If you haven’t experience Qlimax so far, we highly recommend you to visit the best hardstyle indoor event next year.

Qlimax 2015 HardstyleMag 2

Especially the sound was brutal at Qlimax 2015. The GelreDome is the perfect location and somehow the sound designer create this ultimative feeling of “sound satisfaction”. As if your ears reach the maximum of frequencies they can receive. Q-Dance knows their business and so Qlimax stays where it is for this year, at the top!

And if it’s not for all the reasons above, you should at least experience the satisfaction after a powerful experience, like Qlimax is. “This was a Q-Dance event…” I think you guys know the rest 😉

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