New music is available every day. Today we take a look at the freshest and hottest tunes in store! What does the hard dance scene has to offer today? We went through the shops and searched for the latest/best music of the first two weeks of February. Furthermore we present you the Hardstyle Mag team’s favorite track, the communities current top 3 and the current top “break through your your comfort-zone” track!

1. Regain – Point Of No Return

Polish hardstyle producer and Dj Regain presents his first album “Point Of No Return”, released on Heart For Hard Records! A quality and diverse album, starting with euphoric tunes, a collab with Phuture Noize and gets harder with every track, ending with hardcore/industrial! Some of the highlights are The Greates Show, No Survivorz with Insidiouz, D-Sturbs remix of Insane or About Me. The album is now available in all stores and is a true must have! A review from us will follow soon as well as a giveaway, so keep your eyes on our socials!

2. Jeckyll & Hyde – Freefall (Hypnose Remix)

Remember the good old days, when you started listening to electronic dance music? You probably past by the Jumpstyle genre. Back in the days “Freefall” by Jeckyl & Hyde was a Number 1 track in the Netherlands. A whole new era started and Jumpstyle-Crews took over the country. Now, in 2017, Hypnose released their official remix of Freefall. We think the remix keeps the original as it is, but puts it into a fresh sound design and a slightly higher BPM. Great job by Hypnose!

3. B-Front – Deepest Wave (Official Hard Bass anthem 2017)

B-Front is on a goddamn roll! The Paradox is still hitting the charts, and out of nowhere b2s announces the official Hard Bass 2017 anthem. B-Front was the chosen one and created one hell of an anthem! The feeling and atmosphere perfectly matches Hard Bass, the slightly harder kick with its deep bass was surely a highlight when it got dropped by B-Front last saturday in the Gelredome. A kick-ass anthem how we like it!

4. Sub Zero Project – The Project

If there is one duo in the scene who’s currently not holding back: It’s Sub Zero Project! With their latest release The Project they brought together what hardstyle defines: A simple but effective intro part, with a slightly psy-trance touch. A short but powerful main part and a climax which is forcing you to go crazy! The bright lead and massive kicked can be defined as 100% pure quality hardstyle, a phat bass, an awesome side-chain effect and a great punch. The Project gives us goosebumps every time! We are curious about their mysterious project and what’s coming our way in the next weeks!

5. Sound Rush & Airtunes – Gods

Scantraxx talent Airtunes teamed up with the two twins we all love: Sound Rush! Bringing us euphoric vibes with a great old school touch and reverse bass, Gods is definitely a release you should scope for! Like we are used to from Sound Rush, the melody lifts you up and make you move. A clear kick underlines the bright and phat lead in the climax part. This is euphoric hardstyle how it should be and we are glad these two artists teamed up, since the result is absolutely amazing! Show your support and get a copy. 

Hardstyle Mags current favorite

If there is one track, stuck in our head since weeks, it’s Warface – Live for This! Holy damn shit, this track got it all – crazy vocals, immense energy, a shattering kick and is furthermore dedicated to our scene: Live for This, live for hardstyle! The track is in the stores since a while now but still dominating the current top 40 at No matter if you like rawstyle or not, take a look at Live for This and don’t tell us this isn’t a fucking great release!

Break through your comfort-zone

Dr. Peacock – Trip Around The World! Yes, you read it right. We think this album is fantastic and shouldn’t be missed in your library. Dr. Peacock will take you on a journey around the globe, combining all elements of music from different countries into one album. The mix between Frenchcore and sounds of specific themes like Dreamland, Wild West, the moon or hell or the sounds of countries like Russia, Italy, Sweden and many more is simply amazing and worth to listen to!

The community’s top 3

Warface & Radical Redemption – Undercover
Not even released but already a favorite of the crowd. The collab between Radical Redemption and Warface will surely break boundaries and hit the charts hard. Let’s wait for an official preview, which will hopefully be available soon!

Sub Zero Project – The Project
Well deserved! Not only in our top picks for the first two weeks of February, but also one of the community’s favorite. The Project left many fans speechless and guess what? This wasn’t even unexpected. Since the first preview this The Project got a lot of attention, quite rightly!

Phuture Noize – Fire
When talking about diverse Sound design Phuture Noize surprises over and over again! With Fire he released one of the first tracks of his album Pursuit of Thunder! Especially the vocals are one of a kind and will stuck into your head for a long time. We can’t wait for more music.

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