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From April 14th. to April 16th. REBIRTH festival invited to a full 3 days festival edition to kick off the festival season. With more Artists, and more specials our expectations were huge. We attended the full weekend – read the full review.


When there is something special about REBIRTH, then it is its special vibe to kick off the festival season in a perfect way. When we set our course to REBIRTH festival we expected a full 3 days hardstyle journey without any compromises.

Many artists, lovely designed stages, Artists with a lof of specials, fun games on the camping side, and the annual feeling of returning to the outdoor festival season.

Rebirth Outdoor Stage
Review | This was Rebirth Festival 2023 – Mainstage Outdoor


What we noticed pretty quickly, that the arrangement of the tents was similiar to 2022 – which helped us a bit to find our way easy. All stages matched the ‘Spaceship’ theme. Whilst the Rebirth Stage offered a huge LED Wall that was partly integrated into kind of a Spaceship, the Revelation stage was a giant astronaut helmet – where the front was a complete LED Screen. But man, how huge was the main stage? we counted more than 9 lasers and a fully timed impressive light show. Fireworks, lasers, CO2 and giant confetti bombs made a party there to an expierence.

The smaller stages were decorated with small rockets or huge ventilators.

As in 2022 we were once given a e-token at the entrance. For each beverage we had to give this token away and when we brough back our used plastic cub we received the e-token back. In the event the e-token got lost, we had to pay 0.5 token to get a new one. One festival token was obtainable for an exchange rate of EUR 3,75.

Rebirth Mainstage
Review | This was Rebirth Festival 2023 – Indoor Mainstage


With 3 stages the party began at 14:00 with Unfire at the Revenge vs. Resist Stage. So directly hardcore without limits. The Reborn Raw was focusing on the talents and newcomers with Cold Confusion and Flux Overload.

The main Rebirth Area got opened on time at 16:00 with MC Villain as host and an own DJ set. Sound Rush took over and prepared the crowd for Sickmode. When this man arrived, the area got really packed quickly and bangers like ‘Stupid’ and ‘Club Banger’ directly made the crowd sing along. A more classic set, but hey Sickmode was supposed to play the next 2 days as well here.


Time to start into the main day – the Saturday. More than 100 performing artists to see. Although we felt the energy and commitment from every artists, our highlights were ‘The Purge – Trippin’ who really caught us the heavy way.

And well, when there are soo many Artists performing it is more than likely that you cant attend every special set. We had this conflict with the new ‘Gunz for Hire’ show and the shooting star ‘Adjuzt’ with his new program ‘next gen’. So we had to split up.

Rebirth Festival from above
Review | This was Rebirth Festival 2023 – From Above

Adjuzt took over the huge outdoor stage, which was designed as a space station. His gated kicks and his ‘God Damn Demons’ in a NXTGEN Edit directly made clear, this guy knows only one direction. No Limits ! Now the complete area was fully packed and firekworks and lasers aligned perfectly with his massive beats. And of course, he played his masterpiece ‘Echoes’ which made the whole crowd sing along.

But at the same time, Gunz for Hire took apart the main stage. The bad guys appeared on stage and classics like ‘Gunz For Hire ft. Ava Silver – Firestone’ or ‘Pussy Loverz’ combined with their excessive show, turned really the tent upside down.


Lets get ready for the final day 3 with more than 70 Artists on once again 7 stages. So it was clear, that the organizations didnt do things by halves. Highlight was the well-announced ‘Warface’ main stage hosting and the album showcase ‘Rest in Pieces’

But surprisingly our highlight was his ‘Trip through Memory’ set. From original tracks like ‘FTP’ or ‘Mutilate’ from this old ‘9 Circles’ album brought us all way back to the good old years 2015 – 2017. The classic raw set – this was pure fun.

Reborn Raw Stage
Review | This was Rebirth Festival 2023 – Reborn Raw Stage

Then the area got fully packed – and it was time for the album showcase ‘Rest in Pieces’. Warface was again wearing his famous live-act mask with red eyes and the kicks directly kicked in the hard way. From bolder gated kicks to classic raw kicks, Warface proved his musical diversity. The lasers and fireworks were nearly continuously firing and the area turned into a witch’s cauldron


Especially the entrance process was quickly done. REBIRTH Festival offered sufficient gates and staff to let the people come in quickly. Thanks to the e-token we enjoyed again, how clean the area was compared to earlier events without this system. Even the dance floors were still continuously cleaned. Signs and Symbols made navigation pretty easy.


The date for 2024 is already set- April 12th to 14th. and for sure we will meet there again. Once again, the Organization took its responsibility seriously and delivered a huge experience over three days. The lovely designed stages, the nice staff, highly energized artists made this edition epic.

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