New music is available every day. Today we take a look at the freshest and hottest tunes in store! What does the hard dance scene has to offer today? We went through the shops and searched for the latest/best music of the first two weeks of February. Furthermore we present you the Hardstyle Mag team’s favorite track, the communities current top 3 and the current top “break through your your comfort-zone” track! But this time we added two new categories: Golden Oldie & Check This!

1. Delete – Formula VIP Edit

Delete is on fire and we are sure he’ll be even more, now that he is releasing at End of Line. But this release is kind of special, because it is released on his old label: Spoontech. As one of the very first tracks of this label, it become a true favorite of the crowd and is always highly appreciated during his sets. With his live act Delete VIP he took Formula to a new level. Now the time has come where you can get hands on this very unique edit of a true classic!

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2. Hard Driver – Interconnected (Official Reverze Anthem 2017)

After a rather boring anthem of Reverze 2016 by Coone, we were really looking forward to this years anthem. The theme looks actually pretty interesting and we guess the guys from Bass Events make sure this edition will be off the hook. Hard Driver is responsible for this years anthem and we think he did an amazing job! We absolutely love the kick, with its great, clear punch, the melody and the bright, screechy main lead.

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3. ANDY SVGE – Evolving

ANDY SVGE is back with a new tune called Evolving. And guess what, he definitely nailed it. The build up in this track is massive! It leads the listener towards the great climax part and definitely explodes during the second climax. We absolutely love his sound design. it just sounds so bright, wide and epic. Truly unique!

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4. Deetox feat. Elyn – Paralyzed

Is this really the new way Deetox will go? We will surely find out in the next months. If she keeps up with a quality like this, we can only ask for more, right? Great vocals and quite a different way, as we are used to from Deetox. So far we know, the track is also hitting the charts hard and people seemed to like it! Great release, which make us curious about her future.

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5. Endymion & MYST – See You Again

Awesome release here by Endymion and MYST! Actually very melodic and rather soft, than their usual stuff. Just think of the MYST remix of Raggamuffin. However, Endymion and MYST created a really cool track and the combination pays off. Especially the short some sort of break beat part is really nice. We can’t wait for their next releases.

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Hardstyle Mags current favorite

Phuture Noize – The Temple
Damn, we definitely had to feature this track! Amazing work by Phuture Noize, who is bringing us another new track from his album. The Temple kind of reminds us at his old sound design – very epic, melodic, but with that hard twist! It gives us an old, ancient, but still futuristic atmosphere. The vocals fit in perfectly and the second climax will make you go crazy!

Check This!

Wave Pressure – Back To You
If there is one artist, who manages to deliver such fresh and light, kind of “floating” tracks, its Wave Pressure! Back To You is not his latest release, but can not be missed, when preparing for the summer festival season. The melody is just great and it feels like you’re listening to a light wind breeze, passing by, while raving in the sun – much like Adrenalize style.

Break through your comfort zone

Unexist – Kings Never Die
A new release by Unexist and it kicks ass! Awesome vocals put into Unexists new sound design and released on Dogfight Records define this release. Especially the main part with the e-guitar is amazing. The crazy build up is evolving into a damn good climax. 100% pure floor filler and highly appreciated hardcore tune!

Golden Oldie

Hardstyle Masterz – Respect
Last time we heard this one was at Qlimax 2016, played by Tuneboy and damn, it was awesome! You can’t honor the classics, the masters, the biggest hardstyle acts more than with a song dedicated to the different, significant sound elements. I guess this track is remembered by many of you. What a cool and unique song. It will remain a classic forever!

The community top 3

Warface & D-Sturb – Pull The Killswitch
Ohh baby, a new Warface and D-Sturb release. Can just mean, shit’s going to be heavy. With a great combination of both styles, Pull The Killswitch definitely deserves the attention it gets! Especially Warface heavy kick we know from Live For This is a true highlight here. But even the vocals are one of a kind. Fast kick-rolls incoming, can you already do them perfectly?

Frequencerz & Bass Chaserz – Renegades
We agree, that this track should not be missed here. The first time we heard it, we instantly thought – this might enter the top 10 by Q-Dance later this year! Such a remarkable melody and lead sound. The track has a great tempo and drive, however it could have been designed slightly smoother in our opinion. But that’s our objective rating. We still enjoy this tarck so much!

Warface – FTP (E-Force Remix)
Okay, here we go again. Not even released, but still going crazy on social media. E-Force premiered his remix of FTP at Hard Bass 2017 and the crowd went totally insane! By listening to the filmed footage, the rmeix made us very curious! However, we still have to wait a few weeks until we can maybe put the colume at its fullest and blast this track through the speakers in best quality!

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