Stabber Gabber Hosted by Shit-E Records and Violencia Worldwide Kicks Off the Halloween Season with Hardcore Techno in Southern California!

Amy Melissa Farina

Last year, on August 27th 2022, the Southern California underground music scene experienced a night of intense energy and excitement at Stabber Gabber held at Cool Cat Tattoo in Bloomington California.  The event, showcased some of the craziest hardcore techno gabber and it left the crowd pulsing with adrenaline and marked the beginning of the Halloween season.

Guests from all over the USA, including Arizona, Nevada, and from far as Minneapolis, Minnesota, traveled to Southern California to attend Stabber Gabber. They were not disappointed as the event featured a lineup of talented and diverse hardcore gabber artists from the west coast USA including Vatos Locos, DJ Fiend, C1B2, Anaesthetik, Say-10, Abf8, Assassin, and DJ 45.

People who attended Stabber Gabber had nothing but great things to say about the vibes. The event was a true celebration of hardcore techno gabber music and marked the beginning of the best time of the year the Halloween season.  What sets Stabber Gabber apart from other events is its focus on highlighting the fun, silly side of the demented music we adore so much, while also emphasizing a culture of love and respect for one another and the music itself.

With its unique blend of driving basslines, distorted kicks, and rapid-fire beats, Stabber Gabber drew a diverse crowd of music enthusiasts who were eager to let loose and dance the night away. The event also featured top-notch sound and lighting production by Strictly Hardcore LA that created an immersive experience that transported attendees to another world. Cool Cat Tattoo, known for its edgy and creative atmosphere, provided the perfect backdrop for Stabber Gabber.  The venue was transformed into a high-energy dance floor where music lovers could connect, express themselves, and immerse themselves in the pulsing beats.

One highlight of the event was the release of Stabber Gabber’s very own anthem song,

C1B2 – Stabber Gabber.  The track was released on Shit-E Records and is now available for free download at or you can listen to it on most major streaming services such as Spotify or apple music or even YouTube.

This year, hardcore gabber heads can look forward to the next edition of Stabber Gabber, which is set to take place on September 30, 2023, in Southern California, this event promises to deliver an unforgettable night of high-energy music and intense excitement.

This edition of Stabber Gabber is even more special as it coincides with Mokum Records’ 30th-anniversary. Mokum Records is one of the pioneering labels in the hardcore techno gabber music scene, and its influence has been felt worldwide. This celebration promises to be one for the ages, with a special lineup of performers paying tribute to the label’s legacy. 

Stabber Gabber 2023 will feature artists from all over the world, including some of Europe’s most talented who are coming to show Southern California some of their music!  This year’s edition of Stabber Gabber is set to be even more intense and electrifying than ever before! This year’s line up will be released soon. You won’t be disappointed.

The Southern California hardcore gabber music scene is rapidly growing, and Stabber Gabber is proud to be at the forefront of this movement. The event welcomes everyone to join in the fun! Regardless of their background or musical preferences. Since this is a Halloween kickoff event costumes are always highly encouraged to add to the fun, and enhance the Halloween spirit.

Fans are already eagerly anticipating the next edition of Stabber Gabber, which is set to take place on September 30, 2023. They are looking forward to what Shit-E Records and Violencia Worldwide have in store for the future.

If you’re a fan of hardcore techno gabber music or just want to experience something new and exciting, Stabber Gabber welcomes you to join in the fun. Come be a part of the growing Southern California hardcore gabber music scene and dance the night away to some of the best music and performers from around the world.

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