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On Saturday March 25th as part of Miami Music Week, Belgian techno legend Charlotte de Witte performed at M2.

Amy Melissa Farina

The sold out show consisted of a star studded techno line up headlined by Charlotte de Witte herself. For techno lovers looking for something more underground during Miami Music Week, this was the move.

Getting There

Despite the traffic in Miami and the mad rush from Ultra Music Festival to multiple after parties, getting to the venue was fairly simple. I utilized car share applications to get me from MAD Club in Wynwood (the first after party of the night) to M2. I arrived at the venue around 2:00 AM and the club was packed from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, and the crowd went HARD.


The show took place at M2 in South Beach. M2 is a new club that opened its doors to the public this year during Miami Music Week. The two story club nestled in the heart of Miami’s Art Deco District features a state of the art customizable lighting and sound system.

M2 was the perfect spot for a party like this because of the dark underground vibes (let’s call it upscale underground) accompanied by the out of this world visuals and light shows.


Indira Paganotto

When I arrived at the venue I was immediately blown away by the sounds of Indira Paganotto. It was my first time seeing this Spanish powerhouse and I already can’t wait to see her again.

Throwing down bangers like Colors (Killerwatts Remix), Push Up, and even Concerto in C Major, she had the crowd in the palm of her hand.

Charlotte de Witte

I’ve had the honor and privilege to see Charlotte de Witte multiple times at festivals but there’s something to be said about witnessing her sets in an intimate club setting. When it comes to hard techno, Charlotte de Witte is a household name. It’s gotten to the point where hard techno is synonymous with Charlotte de Witte, and tonight drove that point home.

As laser beams poured down from the ceiling and deep ominous fog filled the air. The best part of the night for me was when she dropped my personal favorite track from her, Missing Channel. Additionally, another memorable moment of the night was when she played crowd favorite Age of Love, everyone went insane.

Her dark, brooding, hard techno set paired perfectly with the accompanying sinister visuals.

Visuals & Sound System

The visuals at M2 by far exceeded the visuals of the majority of clubs I’ve attended. Lasers fell down from the ceiling like a waterfall while simultaneously shooting at you from the sides.

Behind the DJ booth was a large screen projecting a myriad of trippy visuals. Moreover, from mazes, tornados, black holes, to even 3D faces, the visuals paired with hard techno were captivating.

General Impressions

To sum it all up, Charlotte de Witte crushed it as always. I was pleasantly surprised with the visuals and the underground vibes of club. The drinks at the club were quite pricey but that was to be expected.

Although the club was packed, at no point did it feel so crowded that you couldn’t move or dance (even at the very front!). I look forward to attending more events from Resistance and M2 next time I’m in Miami!

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