Amy Melissa Farina

Capturing the feeling of vibrant streets on a Friday night, with fast paced beats and an intoxicating melody, Charlotte de Witte releases a new single, “High Street.” Officially dropping on April 21, the techno-banger is the first single of the highly anticipated OVERDRIVE Campaign within the KNTXT Label and sets the tone for what promises to be de Witte’s most boundary breaking journey to date. The track is an enthralling listening experience that pulls listeners into the unexplainable feeling of after-hours energy. Listen HERE.

“High Street is a fast paced track that breathes the energy of the streets on a vibrant Friday night,” said Charlotte, “It creates a thrilling and invigorating atmosphere, setting the tone for an exciting night ahead. It is a blurring tune that unconsciously pulls you into the late night.”

A DJ, record producer, and record label head, best known for her “dark and stripped-back” brand of techno and underground music, de Witte pushes the boundaries of the electronic genre, with music that has a distinct and unforgettable sound, that is uniquely her own. De Witte’s innovative ability allows her to seamlessly blend genres and styles that have won her a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

“I love playing around with different genres and styles and in the case of High Street (and the entire OVERDRIVE EP by expansion), it’s been cool to see how well hip hop and techno actually collide,” Said Charlotte, “The general attitude of the vocals in High Street carries the track and speaks to people. This has been a very fun one to make.”

“High Street,” marks de Witte’s first release within the “OVERDRIVE Campaign,” and the first single release under de Witte’s KNTXT label. It is not only a milestone moment for the DJ and producer, but sets the tone for the journey ahead, giving a glimpse to what is on the horizon for de Witte’s future releases. Founded by de Witte in 2019, KNTXT is a boutique label that aims to be an inclusive home that values purity and strength and strives to be a progressive player within the vibrant and ever evolving techno scene. De Witte plans to perform “High Street” at upcoming shows at Brooklyn Mirage in New York City on May 18 and May 19, 2023. The show will serve as an ode to the raw fierce spirit that breathes in the corners of New York City, it will aim to showcase a fast-paced thrill that energizes and liberates the audience.

“High Street is just the beginning of the OVERDRIVE Campaign, a whirring journey lies ahead and High Street is just a taste of it,” said Charlotte. “We can’t wait for what’s next.”

This OVERDRIVE EP will mark de Witte’s first release on her own KNTXT label since her last EP, “Apollo,” which was released in October 2022 and since her collaboration with fellow techno artist Enrico Sangiuliano on the “Reflection” EP in March 2023. De Witte had previously worked with Sangiuliano on their Remix of “The Age Of Love”, which amassed over 40 million streams on Spotify and achieved certified gold status in Belgium. De Witte’s other recent releases include her “Universal Consciousness” EP in 2022 and her “Formula” EP in 2021, which featured chart-topping lead track “Doppler”.

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