While picking my next festivals I checked out Dance Valley 2015 and here are my top reasons why you should visit this awesome event. And no, this article is not sponsored by Dance Valley. Take it as a recommendation!

Massive line-up

This year’s Dance Valley is not only coming with an extra Hard Valley for harder styles only, but also brings you a massive line-up for all hard music junkies out there.

Starting with the Main Hardstyle/Raw stage and Crypsis, E-Force and Endymion, Alpha2, Deepack, Phuture Noize, Code Black, The Prophet, Technoboy, Wasted Penguinz, Audiotrics, Omegatypez, Pavo vs. Luna. This stage will be hosted by MC Da Syndrome!

And that’s just a taste of what you can expect. Check out all the 10 stages and the full line-up here.

Dance Valley - Official Hard Valley Trailer 2015

Over 20 Years of experience

If we look back to the last 20 editions of Dance Valley we see the exponential growth of this event. In 2014, we had just a blast and currently we are waiting to be blown away from this year’s edition.

Dance Valley is great for bigger groups who like to enjoy a big variety of music at one single event.

House, techno or as mentioned hardstyle and hardcore. Meet new styles, over 100 DJs, 6 hosting partners and great shows.

Dance Valley 2014 Experience

Get a cheap festival experience

Compared to other festivals with the scale of a Dance Valley, the ticket price is just awesome. Started at 50€ in January, you still have time to save money.

Until the end of May, you should get your Flexticket for only 60€. Add 25€ and show your love for Dance Valley with a T-Shirt and VIP Ticket. Of course, Dance Valley is offering different travel packs. For more information check out the official Dance Valley website.

All in all, you should definitely mark the 1st of August 2015 for Dance Valley: You bring the energy, they supply the sound.

You bring the energy - Dance Valley 2015

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