A party after Corona? Without masks and social distancing? This dream became reality a few days ago in the ‘I’M HAN CLUB’ in Wuhan. The HARDSTYLEMAG team asked PINK PANDA about their reaction to their performance at this special gig.

Anna Ströhlein / Thomas Tischhauser


PINK PANDA was founded in 2012 by Ardell Mafi, Rob Porter & Michael Cassiano. Since then they established themselves with their energetic live shows, high quality remixes and original productions. They have toured the globe and played in some of the best clubs in Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe, the UK and Ireland.


How was your performance at the ‘I’M HAN CLUB’ in Wuhan?

A short Review: When Covid-19 broke out at the beginning of the year in Wuhan, China reacted with drastic measures and almost completely shut down the country. Public life came to a standstill, as did nightlife. No parties, no festivals. Only slowly did normality return. Currently, the Chinese have handled the pandemic so efficiently that most cities in China have no new infections.

For this reason, PINK PANDA’s first appearance after the pandemic was symbolic. It gave a feeling of hope, with regard to the future, of nightlife and clubbing – as well as also a signal of hope for the entire music industry.

For PINK PANDA, it was agonizing to see the entire global event industry on its knees, not knowing what the future would look like. The future after COVID-19.

Ardell Mafi, Rob Porter & Michael Cassiano self-isolated the whole evening and observed social distancing rules at all times (even when Dj’ing). But apart from that, and because very few visitors wore masks, the rest of their performance actually felt normal.

PINK PANDA hopes that in the future, the West can learn from China. Especially in regard to their ‘TRACK & TRACE’ system, which is being used all over the country. This system enables new cases of the virus to be seen quickly, and then treated accordingly (for parallels, think of how the CORONA APP is being used in Germany right now).

PINK PANDA is currently touring various clubs in China.

Let’s hope that in the future, the pandemic can be contained so that we too can celebrate together again at parties in clubs and festivals.

Stay healthy!

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