We had the pleasure to ask a few questions to the one and only Avana. This dude is seriously taking his production to another level! You may have heard a few of his tracks like “Batmobile” or “Mars Needs Women” , which are absolute masterpieces. He brings a new fresh euphoric sound to the scene, and has a real talent to create overwhelming atmospheres. He has joined the Legendary label Fusion Records a couple of years ago. 

If you still haven’t checked what he is all about or if you have been stuck on Mars for the last 2 years, we strongly recommend you catch up with his tunes throughout this interview! If you are a woman and willing to get a ticket to Mars, give him a like and a share and maybe you’ll get there!

First of all, thank you Pim for joining us today, it’s always a pleasure to interview artists from Fusion Records! How do you feel today?
Hi, I’m fine today, just enjoying my summer. Always nice to answer some questions!

For the unholy who haven’t listened to your sound yet, can you tell us how you would  define your style in Hardstyle? What makes people say “ ah yeah, that’s Avana I recognize his melody”?
I’ll describe my sound as euphoric, with recognizable melody lines and unexpected, sometimes absurd elements and vocals.

Your name as Hardstyle artist is Avana. Can you tell us a bit more on how you came up with such a cool name?
Well, long love story short; it’s derived from my ex-girlfriend’s name..

Who is your favorite artist in the scene?
My favorite artist in the scene will be Noisecontrollers I guess. Sometimes I am so amazed if I listen to everything he has produced so far, and every performance gives me absolute shivers!

Alright, if you go back to your roots with Hardstyle, when was the moment you decided to produce Hardstyle? What triggered such decision?
That would be in 2011. After visiting my first Hardbass back then I was absolutely sure hardstyle is the best thing ever!

How long have you been working with the legendary Fusion Records Label?
Back when I started listening to this music, most of it was actually from Fusion Records. I signed my contract two years ago, and being a big fan from way back, it’s a true honor to work with this crew!

Now, let’s focus on what you have just released. You track “Batmobile” and my favorite so far “Mars Needs Women”. Two tracks that were massively broadcasted in many podcasts, Global Dedication, Xxlerator, Isaac’s Hardstyle Session. I guess that all this support from the scene and the fans spur you even further in your dedication to what you are doing?
Yes, absolutely! I’ve always had major support from some of the biggest artists in the scene, which absolutely gives me the strength to strive forward. I also often get messages from people all over the world who adore my music which is really awesome, keep it up!

“Batmobile” and “Mars Needs Women” have two very disctinctive atmospheres. Could you tell us, where did you get your inspiration for these two amazing tracks?
This is sometimes the most important thing in a production for me, to have a very explicit atmosphere in the track. I find a lot of inspiration for, for example, melodies in making these atmospheres.

“Mars Needs Women” is also the name of a 1967 movie, where women outnumber men and so men decide to send some of them to Mars to restore balance in Humanity. Have you ever seen this movie?
Haha, you actually know the story! This movie is actually where I got my inspiration from. Best acting ever lol!


What can we expect for your upcoming tracks? Can you give us a few hints on the atmosphere or do you want to keep it secret until they are released?
First of all, I’m working on several collabs at the moment! For now; a lot of vocals and raplines..

What are your top 1 indoor and outdoor events during the year?
Indoor definitely Hardbass, since this was my first big party to visit, and I have ever since visited every edition. Outdoor would be Defqon 1. The atmosphere, the people, the music; everyting is perfect (except the weather sometimes)!


Last but not least… If you had to perform on stage with a Hardstyle Legend, who would it be?
This dream has actually already been fulfilled! At Supersized Kingsday I had the privilege to jump on stage with the one and only Zany, true legend and an awesome guy to perform with!

It was a pleasure doing this interview with you, Pim, I hope you’ll keep going this way and the whole Hardstyle Mag crew wishes you the best for your career! Thank you for your time!
You’re welcome, thanks for the questions and your support!

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